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This is a classic situation where a software company promises the moon on their website, yet then does not deliver.


The idea of a fully integrated professional service system is attractive. Yet there is no delivery on the promises.


- Does not do what it says on the box - The offering is convoluted and they offer no training - Staff are rude when you ask for support - Consistent bugs erode what little value that remains

Time used: Free Trial

Source: GetApp
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Response from Accelo

Hey there, really sorry to hear about your less than stellar experience with us. It’s definitely not something we take lightly. That said, the issues you’re describing aren’t any we’ve run into with prior or current clients.

We never experience data losses, and all of our data is backed up on a daily basis. Users can of course delete their own data (and sometimes do so inadvertently), and recovering from backups does incur a cost for engineering time that some folks don't want to spend.

Bugs are a fact of life for any software product, and we're no different. Our clients tell us that we're the most responsive and transparent company they have ever dealt with; we often turn around bug fixes within a day (since we ship code multiple times a day), and we're very transparent with our fixes and improvements ( Unfortunately, we're not perfect and we do have bugs, but we endeavor to be as responsive as possible to address them.

Additionally, we provide extensive, free email-based support with an average response time of under 4 hours during Q1 of 2016. We also provide extensive implementation and training services, but since these are tailored to your requirements and delivered one-on-one, they have a cost; choosing not to buy these services is of course the user's choice, but that choosing not to read the manual or get driving lessons doesn't mean it is the car's fault when you crash it ;).

Lastly, part of the appeal of Accelo is how robust its modules are. No other PSA software on the market offers as fully-integrated of a suite as Accelo. That said, we don’t claim that Accelo is a perfect fit for every business, which is why we offer a free 2 week trial to test it yourself.

Again, I apologize if this was not the experience you had, and guarantee that if you were to give Accelo another chance we would work tirelessly to deliver you a much better user experience.

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