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AlchemyWorks Projects

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AlchemyWorks Projects overview

What is AlchemyWorks Projects?

AlchemyWorks Projects is a cloud-based project management software which offers tools for managing multiple projects, scheduling tasks, collaboration, document management, permissions management, and more. The solution is designed to give small and medium sized businesses visibility into and control over their project portfolio.

With AlchemyWorks Projects, users can manage multiple projects and tasks, using the hierarchical organization system to manage projects at all levels, from entire business units down to individual subtasks. The dynamic scheduling system arranges projects according to their priority, status, and any dependencies or time constraints. The calendar is updated automatically to reflect any changes, and alerts are generated for any constraints which have been or potentially will be broken. Projects can be assigned to different individuals or groups, and skill-based allocation allows team members to be selected based on skill requirements, location, availability, or any combination of elements.

AlchemyWorks Projects also includes a document management system, which allows users to attach documents to customer or project records, with version control tools and centralized document storage. The built-in dashboard gives users access to pending projects, organized by their level of involvement, whether they are managing, sponsoring, or observing the project. In addition to general project visibility settings, projects, documents, customer records, and locations can be marked to ensure they can only be viewed by authorized personnel. Formal risk and change management mechanisms are also available for projects.


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AlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks ProjectsAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshotAlchemyWorks Projects screenshot

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AlchemyWorks Projects pricing

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Standard: FREE (5 users, 100 projects).
Professional: $3.99/user/month.
Enterprise: $5.99/user/month.
Document management functionality is available for an additional charge of $1.15/GB/month.

AlchemyWorks Projects features

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Multiple Projects
Project Management
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Key features of AlchemyWorks Projects

  • Hierarchical projects
  • Diary system
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • User roles & permissions
  • Project templates
  • Multiple locations, languages & timezones
  • Gantt charts
  • Document management system
  • Workflow control
  • Skill-based allocation
  • Protective marking
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Language literals
  • Project chat rooms
  • Collaboration tools
  • User dashboard
  • Scheduled messages
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Project are organized into hierarchical trees, enabling organization of subtasks up to entire business units, and analysis of all levels against time utilisation, financial detail, and other metrics.

Team members can be selected based on availability, locality, skill set requirements, or a combination of elements.

Projects can be arranged according to status, priority, dependencies, and time constraints, with dynamic updates to the calendar to reflect the current situation, and automatic alerts when constraints are or will be broken.

Multiple locations, languages, and timezones are supported, and users can redefine language literals to align terminology for their business.

Administrators can schedule messages to display on users’ home screens, and view which messages have been dismissed or read by individual users.