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Apptivo Project Management

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Apptivo Project Management overview

Now more than ever, small businesses are faced with problems stemming from lack of resources, and/or poor resource planning. It is hard to understand how anyone can stay competitive in today’s marketplace without some sort of project management software to keep their resources informed, and on-task.

Implementing a project management solution promotes open collaboration between employees and teams, and forges a method for teams to better manage their workload by gaining a clear vision of all activities required to meet deadlines.
The Projects App in Apptivo enables your organization manage projects from the beginning to the end, and allow employees at different levels to provide input throughout the process. You will find that our approach to project management streamlines your work-flow by integrating with nearly every aspect of your business.

With our App, managers are able to define the project goals and objectives, identify tasks and how they relate to the goals, quantify the resources needed, and determine time lines for completion. All of this information is then presented directly to the relevant parties automatically, removing the need to excessive meetings just to get your team on the same page. Throughout the entire process, interested parties will be automatically notified of task updates, completions, and pending due dates for activities assigned to them.


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Apptivo Project Management reviews

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Robert Parker

Making a small business look large and professional

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-23
Review Source: Capterra

Very Happy with the product. It works well, year in and year out, and this year, I intend to learn how to use more aspects of it. It's a complete sales CRM and I don't really take advantage of that. I use it as an invoice generation tool. I am a loyal user and have no intention of looking elsewhere. BUT please think about that calendar feature. $60 and an invasive integration from Google, feels a bit much.It is easy and quick to punch out an invoice copying an old customer invoice and making a couple changes in the body the Output looks Professional when I bill my corporate clients. I like that if I get stuck, CHAT is always available and it's been quick to resolve my confusion or concerns.

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Vernessa Taylor

Apptivo is All-Inclusive, Modern ERP Cloud App Done Right (Just Add Speed and GUI Refresh)

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-20
Review Source: Capterra

I was using Teamwork (formerly Teamwork PM) for project management, a local install of vTiger CRM for contacts and opportunity management, and myriad other cloud-based apps to pull together administrative activities. I wanted an all-inclusive software with strong project management features that also allowed me to handle detailed invoicing and allowed customers to click a link to pay. Lastly, the CRM component had to be at least as good as vTiger (or Zoho CRM which I'd also given a trial run). Apptivo satisfied these needs. Pleased with the CRM, opportunity management, project management, field service management, and billing apps (especially since they've added Stripe as a payment gateway).They do not nickle-and-dime you to death! One price includes everything. Their tiers are about number of users rather than adding/subtracting features. A more sensible model than some of the others. I like how detail views are available from most places -- call logs, projects, tasks, and notes can be associated with a contact or company or opportunity. The integration with email is excellent, right down to making it easy to connect your email boxes. One challenge I had that Apptivo solved for me was how to keep emails related to a particular project or opportunity all together in one place. Apptivo does a good job of this by assigning codes (or project numbers), and allowing you to select whether or not the email you are writing is related. If you are writing emails using some other application (your desktop client or cloud-based app), you can use the same code in the subject line and Apptivo will pull that email into the app, and associate it with the relevant modules (project, client, case, etc.)

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Marcel Ottiger

Very useful CRM, accessible from anywhere, good value for money

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-01
Review Source: Capterra

The CRM functionality is intuitive to use. Not much setup is needed but still a lot of customization is possible. It can easily grow with the company and is accessible from anywhere. As a cloud based service you do not need to care about hardware, accessibility etc. Remarkable: There is an exceptionally responsive customer support. Overall very recommended for flexible startup companies.

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Edwin Spiessens

Why I am choosing Apptivo

Reviewed 2015-02-22
Review Source: GetApp

So, I have been test driving CRM's for the last 2 years. I have scanned and reviewed about 100 of the CRM's out there, and during the selection process only a few stood up to my requirements, being: -A solid sales pipeline (From lead to opportunity to sales to after-sales) -A great contact management system -The possibility to generate quotes that can be converted to work orders, to invoices etc -An integrated templated Project management system with pre-set task generation -Email (gmail) integration -Google apps for business integration -The possibility to add more functionality in the form of integrated apps when the need arises. At the end, and when all the nitty-gritty was tested, only 3 applications remained who were comparable, qua price and functionality. But where Apptivo stands out with head and shoulders above nearly ALL the CRM's I tested, is the quality and the availability of their support! As far as I know, ONLY Apptivo, has a free 24/7/365 online support chat from within the CRM, and I consider this as a huge plus point. I run a small B2B business supplying promotional products mostly in Southern Africa but rapidly growing and expanding our market. We are currently with six people, but I am confident that at our current growth rate, we will pass the 10 employee mark by the end of 2015. I have a deep passion for what I do and when it comes to the integration of a tool that in time becomes a keystone in my business, I need suppliers that share my passion. And this is exactly what the people of Apptivo do: Tested and proven, even today on a Sunday afternoon. Keep up the good work guys, I hope we will go a long way together! Edwin Spiessens Corp. Gifts and Gadgets cc South Africa Feel free to drop me any question at any time if you think I can help you by selecting a CRM: -A solid sales pipeline (From lead to opportunity to sales to after-sales) -A great contact management system -The possibility to generate quotes that can be converted to work orders, to invoices etc -An integrated templated Project management system with pre-set task generation -Email (gmail) integration -Google apps for business integration -The possibility to add more functionality in the form of integrated apps when the need arises. As far as I know, ONLY Apptivo, has a free 24/7/365 online support chat from within the CRM, and I consider this as a huge plus point.

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Marisela Esteves

Customer Support is very Responsive

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-28
Review Source: GetApp

Our business started Apptivo when we were quite small, and there were several issues with the program when we first began using them. The support at Apptivo is awesome, every time that we have a difficulty using any of the programs feature, they have gotten back to us within hours or sometimes days. The recent issue with using their Ledger App took a bit longer to resolve but we enthusiastically appreciate their dedication to resolving the issues, and how thoroughly they did resolve it. The features we use most often include: Emailing Invoices and Estimates, keeping track of our Finances with their Ledger App, and keeping track of correspondence with Clients. There are some many other features to the program including tracking Inventory, tracking Accounts with Suppliers, and creating Projects with clients/collaborations with other professionals just to name a few. I will continue to use and support the Apptivo program. They continue to grow and offer more features, clearer and efficient options for tracking the growth of our business as it continues to grow!Easy to use features - Sending out invoices - Receiving payments and notifications - Receving Emails and Client feedback - Tracking client info - Reviewing, Updating, and tracking Inventory and Accounts Payables. There are many other features but these we use in general.

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Additional information for Apptivo Project Management

Key features of Apptivo Project Management

  • Keep track of every project in your company at a glance
  • Assign roles and milestones to assure things stay on track
  • Attach documents to projects so everyone stays up-to-date
  • Instantly search the entire portfolio of projects
  • Create tasks directly tied to projects and milestones
  • Collaborate easily
  • Manage work flexibly
  • Manage Project Scope
  • Track Time
  • Invoicing integration
  • Ensure security
  • Collect payments online
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- Miss fewer project deadlines, and stop losing customers
- Stop wasting resources on repeat work with reusable project templates
- Keep your projects organized and scheduled, don't miss out on opportunities
- Keep your entire team in-the-loop, store all project information in a central location
- Increased communication efficiency, stop relaying the same message multiple times
- Greater transparency of the work flow to management
- Superior product quality through repeatable, defined, and documented project activities
- Better defined responsibilities form employee accountability in your organization