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Visual online project management for non-professional PMs

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Casual use case: Kachina Gosselin

Kachina Gosselin

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25th of January, 2017
This is the best project management software for my business (high-value software consulting)

I've tried all forms of project management software, but as a solo entrepreneur, their enterprise layout and focus means the form and function don't meet my needs. But that's not all, with Casual I can document processes with notes to pass on to my assistant or to contracting staff, allowing me to have a detailed record of how my company functions. I'm looking forward to handing off to my client's complete roadmaps of how we built their product, and how they can market and monetize. For someone who doesn't want to be overseen by a 'boss' even if that boss is myself, I'm excited to have a creative and flexible service that inspires me to keep creating and keep organized.

Why did you end up selecting Casual over other applications?

Because of the ability to view my project as a whole and see how each action item relates to others. I find that other project management software does not allow for me to get much high-level information about my company at a glance, the previous software quickly becomes demotivating for my team and my clients, leading to less use as our working relationship continues not more. Casual completely solves that problem.

If so, why did you switch?

Because Casual is better for me

What is your main use case with Casual?

Planning and executing startup designs and launches.

What is your ROI?

Can't quantify yet

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Less than 6 months

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