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Chrometa use case: Kathy Evans

Kathy Evans

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28th of July, 2016
Relaxation plus more billable hours

I use Chrometa for Mac. It has truly changed my life as a personal historian (I write people’s memoirs and biographies for their families). Keeping track of time with online or desktop timers was useless because I so often forgot to start or stop the timer. I am frequently interrupted, so it was very hard to be accurate with time. However, this app captures everything I do for my clients and even codes it to the proper job. The only thing I have to code myself is websites, which is easy to do in the Timeline view. Today I guessed that I’d done about two hours work for a client, but Chrometa said three and a half. It’s really a godsend. It allows me to concentrate on my work, knowing Chrometa is keeping time, so I’m more relaxed as well as charging more truly for hours worked. You can have Chrometa record the exact number of minutes you work, or have it round to six or fifteen minute increments, etc. I use the one minute because Chrometa always rounds up. I wish there was an option to use the mathematical rules of rounding rather than always rounding up. Otherwise, I love it and it’s more than worth the cost. A tremendous support for anyone who needs to keep track of time by job or by client. Just excellent. Kathy E, St. Louis

What do you like best?

Relaxing: you don't have to worry about keeping track of time because Chrometa does an excellent job of that.

What do you dislike?

When rounding increments of time, Chrometa always rounds up. I'm not comfortable with this because it could result in overcharging clients, so I have it set to record exact number of minutes. I wish they had an option that would use the mathematical rules of rounding.

Why did you end up selecting Chrometa over other applications?

Passive timekeeping!

If so, why did you switch?

I used a desktop timekeeper. Couldn't remember to start and stop the thing every time I got up from my desk.

What is your main use case with Chrometa?

passive timekeeping

Give one example how Chrometa has improved the way your organization functions

I'm more relaxed knowing Chrometa is keeping time. I used to forget to use the timer and then had to estimate time; I underestimated, so now I capture more billable hours.

What is your ROI?

Way high. I'm sure I was losing 10-20 hours a month from underestimating my billable hours.

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Essential for anyone self employed, freelancers, etc.

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1-2 years

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