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Comindware Project

State of the Art Collaborative Project Management

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Comindware Project overview

What is Comindware Project?

Comindware Project – State of the Art collaborative Project Management solution.
Gain unparalleled productivity and predictability.
Dramatically improve your Project Management experience with Predictive Real-Time Gannt Chart and Automated Priority-based Planning.
Collaborate with the project team and beyond - built on the top of Comindware Team Network platform, Comindware Project provides unparalleled collaboration capabilities in the context of your projects.
Unique Features
Automated Priority-based Planning
• No more unproductive manual task scheduling
• Project plan is created automatically after you assign tasks to the team members and define priorities with intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart
• Real-time Gantt-chart to stay on track of your project status
• Delayed work automatically rescheduled to the future to show you real project milestones and deadlines
Team Collaboration
• Unparalleled collaboration capabilities in the context of your projects thanks to Comindware Team Network
• Collaboration on project tasks as well as on related activities beyond the scope of the project tasks – like product launch, supporting collateral and such

Comindware Team Network
The industry’ most effective collaboration and execution platform that dramatically changes your project management experience and greatly improves team productivity and satisfaction
Rooms – Create separated Rooms to discuss specific matters beyond or across your projects
Document Management - Manage project-related as well as company-wide documents in a single place
Company Directory and Organization Chart - Use powerful social Directory and visual Orgchart to easily find the person with particular skills, in particular department, in specific location, for specific task.
Awards - Award most prominent team members as “Best performer”, “Employee of the Months”, or with any other award you may have to support motivation and increase team productivity
Unmatched User Experience - Enjoy Comindware Project polished user interface which is based on modern and most innovative user experience patterns


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United States, Canada, Germany

Supported languages

English, German, Russian
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Comindware Project reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Steward Copper

Excellent collaboration Tool

Reviewed 2014-06-28
Review Source: GetApp

I was recommended to try Comindware Project as a new, but quite promising tool for project management. The whole impression of the tool is very positive: excellent collaboration options for teams, individuals due to social networking platform. All the communication is in one place, and every conversation is stored and you can have a look at it any time you wish.

WBS is an excellent feature. Automated priority planning is a great help for a very busy PM. Document sharing is also a plus, as you don’t need to search for the necessary estimate for ages.

I would add risk management and budget management options to the tool.

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The ability to allocate resources effectively

Reviewed 2014-07-01
Review Source: GetApp

Comindware Project is a new tool for me. I have worked with it only for a month. My first impression is that it gives a chance to allocate resources in the right and efficient way. I have a list of all the people who are engaged in the project and, using a drag-and drop principle, I assign tasks and see the amount of work given to every person and how well they manage the tasks. With the help of the solution I am able to make changes and delegate tasks to another person if there is a delay or some urgent tasks.

Another thing that struck me is the social networking option where all team guys can talk and discuss whatever they wish within a project. The tool is also integrated with Outlook.

Price is high from my point of view and there is not possibility to calculate the budget of the project.

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PM tool with excellent collaboration facilities within a project

Reviewed 2014-06-20
Review Source: GetApp

Being an active PM with quite good experience I appreciated Comindware Project immediately because of its WBS and resource allocation capabilities that give you a chance to provide the most effective ever resource allocation ever for a project. Its planning features, I think, are the best I have come across in comparison with other tools I used before, because Comindware offers automated project planning. What is more – not every project management tool has native mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

This is a great tool, which managed to close the gap between task and process management and provided excellent collaboration facilities within a project.

When we speak about disadvantages, I would mention the price, which is, unfortunately, not low, but good things are not cheap.

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My credits for the tool

Reviewed 2014-06-26
Review Source: GetApp

Comindware Project is an online project management tools that is a new one on the market and we were attracted by this fact. We have been impressed by the simplicity and throughout design of all the main options of the solution. The product gives all the possibilities to run the project successfully even with minimum experience.

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android make the tool more attractive, because not every popular PM software has it. Every option is based on the principle of drag-and-drop, which saves a lot of time for planning, resource allocation, documents.

No budget management for projects; risk management is also absent; the price is a bit higher per user.

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An up-to-time solution for PM

Reviewed 2014-07-02
Review Source: GetApp

The most important criterion for me when I was choosing my PM solution was the online product and mobile apps of the product. I was astonished and amazed at the same time when I realized that some of the famous tools have no mobile apps. Comindware Project is both online and there are iPhone and Android apps for it. I work from home doing project in education and I travel a lot as well, and that is why the availability of such apps is a great advantage for me. .

The tool is mega simple and even the most inexperienced PM can handle it easily as the user-interface is well-designed to suit anyone. The software is integrated with Outlook which is an advantage as well

It is still expensive and I would reduce the price. I hope they will do it.

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Comindware Project pricing

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Comindware Project is available in the Cloud or as On-Premise software. Cloud pricing starts from $9.99 per user/month and goes down as you add more users.

Comindware Project features

Drag & Drop Interface
Gantt Charts

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GetApp Analysis

Managers are always looking for ways to boost team morale and improve employee engagement, and Comindware Project is a solution that does just that. Utilizing project collaboration and execution tools, Comindware Project was designed to increase productivity in teams of all sizes.

A fully-professional project management tool, Comindware Project was built to close the gap between project planning, execution and team collaboration. The solution provides businesses with collaboration capabilities across projects, tasks and processes in one place. Comindware Project’s features include process automation, planning and execution, Gantt charting, reporting, and collaboration.

What is Comindware Project?

Comindware Project is a project management solution built to provide mid to large-size businesses with ways to manage multiple projects while keeping their teams engaged in the process. Created on top of Comindware Team Network, with efficiency and ease-of-use always kept in mind, Comindware Project simplifies the planning process for project managers and their teams.

Organizations that utilize Comindware Project gain access to a suite of advanced features, including automated priority-based planning tools, automated resource allocation, and predictive real-time Gantt charts. Comindware Project is integrated with MS Outlook, enabling users to work from a familiar environment. It also has native apps for iOS and Android, enabling users to work from anywhere.

Who is Comindware Project For?

Comindware Project can be utilized by mid to large-size businesses in any industry, with the exception of the construction industry. (Comindware Project is not a perfect fit for organizations in the construction industry due to their requirements for industry-specific options, such as bid-management, purchase order management and warranty administration.) Within those organizations, Comindware Project is most frequently used by employees in the professional services, new product development, IT projects, and marketing departments.

Main Features

Automated Priority-Based Planning

Automated priority-based planning involves scheduling projects by assigning tasks and defining priorities through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Comindware Project also offers automatic project plan calculations.

To use the automated priority-based planning feature, start by defining a project start date and creating tasks. From there, you’ll want to assign those tasks to employees and estimate the work required. Define your priorities by moving tasks up and down. At that point, Comindware Project will create a project plan for you automatically.

Predictive Gantt Charts

Predictive Gantt charts automatically reschedule the remainder of work to ensure that actual ETA calculations are as accurate as possible. Comindware Project’s unattended Gantt charts update in real-time based on the current status of projects, which means they reflect the realistic state of projects at all times.

All of Comindware Project’s tracking is done using Gantt charts. When a particular task is not finished on time, all uncompleted tasks are automatically rescheduled for the future. This includes dependent tasks, as well. This gives managers a realistic view of whether they are going to make pre-determined deadlines long before those deadlines come due.

Planning and Allocating Resources

Comindware Project takes the work out of planning and allocating resources by automating the process as much as possible to avoid resource conflicts. Resource leveling is done automatically, as well.

As you move tasks up and down to set the priority level, Comindware Project seamlessly takes resource conflicts into account. Click on the “Workload” tab to find out about potential resource conflicts at any time. Comindware Project provides you with straightforward tools for resolving resource conflicts by allocating resources to specific projects.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with team members and discuss work issues in context using Comindware Project’s discussion tools. Discussions are free for an unlimited number of users, as part of the Comindware Team Network.

Create a new room to discuss a particular topic with colleagues, making sure to attach any documents that fellow participants may be interested in reviewing. All updates based on your discussions will be delivered to your Personal Activity feed. You can also welcome clients into virtual discussion rooms without needing to ask those clients to become team members or registered users of Comindware Project.


Comindware Project integrates with MS Outlook. This integration allows organizations to manage activities, timesheets and documents from the MS Outlook interface, with no need to switch between applications or exit the primary email client.


Comindware Project is available in the cloud or as on-premise software. Cloud pricing for Comindware Project starts at $29.99 per user, per month, and goes down as more users are added to an account. Organizations that utilize on-premise software can expect to pay a one-time fee starting from $450 per user, going down as more users are added.

Bottom Line

  • Use project collaboration and execution tools to increase productivity.

  • Gantt charts help managers avoid missed deadlines.

  • Automatically allocate business resources.

  • Collaborate across projects, tasks, and processes.

  • Features automated priority-based planning.

  • Increase employee engagement and productivity.

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Key features of Comindware Project

  • Predictive Real-time Gantt Chart
  • Automated Priority-based Planning
  • Visual UI Across All Devices
  • Available in Microsoft Outlook
  • Unparalleled collaboration capabilities
  • Project and Timesheet Reports
  • Resource Management
  • Configurable Reports
  • Real-time Project Visibility
  • Timesheets
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Task Management
  • Mobile App for iPhone and Android
  • Documents uploading and discussion
  • iPad app with actionable Gantt Chart
  • Import project plans from MS Project
  • Award employees to boost motivation
  • Visual WBS to breakdown work
  • Visual Organizational Chart
  • Multiple Work Calendars
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• Automated priority-based planning. With Automated Priority-based planning you can schedule your projects just by assigning tasks and defining priorities through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your project plan will be calculated automatically.
• Predictive real-time Gantt-chart. Comindware Gantt-chart automatically reschedules the remainder of the work, so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date and shows the real status of your project – as well as actual estimated milestones and finish date.
• Comindware Team Network, FREE work execution and collaboration platform. Built on top of Comindware Team Network, an industry first enterprise social tool designed to efficiently collaborate in the context of work, Comindware Project makes it easy to boost employee engagement with its unparalleled teamwork capabilities.
• Work directly from Microsoft Outlook. Stay productive in your most common environment with Comindware’ robust Outlook integration. Keep working with Comindware Project tasks, participate in discussions, and manage documents - all right in your Outlook.
• Consistent polished user interface. Designed by usability experts, Comindware Team Network’ polished user interface is based on the most modern and innovative user experience patterns.