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Eylean Board

Agile project & task management app

4.75/5 (8 reviews)

Eylean Board overview

Eylean Board is a project management software for Agile teams. Being fully configurable it supports Kanban, Scrum, CMMI, Scrumban, XP or any other process. TFS integration lets you visualize and manage current tasks of TFS projects. Eylean focuses on visual perfection and user experience, it saves your time instead of wasting it. Various reports help you evaluate the progress. It consists of a desktop client and Eylean Server which offers collaboration over network for distributed and local teams. Eylean Board is multi-touch optimized.


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Eylean Board screenshot: TFS sync.Applying agile practices with Eylean boardEylean Board screenshot: Outlook integrationEylean Board screenshot: PermissionsEylean Board screenshot: ConfigureEylean Board screenshot: ReportingEylean Board screenshot: BurndownEylean Board screenshot: DashboardEylean Board screenshot: Tracker historyEylean Board screenshot: Time trackerEylean Board screenshot: CategoriesEylean Board screenshot: Task detailsEylean Board screenshot: BoardEylean Board screenshot: Scrum-Kanban board

Eylean Board reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Martynas Garjonis

Everything for Efficiency

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-03
Review Source: Capterra

As I stated in Pros section - its simple, reliable. Support is great to.Everything is simple. Dedicating tasks in just a few clicks. Agile, Kanban, Scrum Boards builds in just a few minutes. You can track everything and reporting is clear. Btw, I really like that you can integrate your own TFS templates.

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Dominykas Zenkeviius

Easy to use and highly functional, got a hang of it in no time!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-01-22
Review Source: Capterra

1. Easy to use 2. High functionality 3. Detailed reports 4. Dedicated support team 5. One of the best prices on the market, great value for money 6. TFS, Excel, Outlook, MS Project integration

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A well rounded tool

Reviewed 2014-09-15
Review Source: GetApp

Eylean proved to be a great asset for my team. It had all the features that we were looking for and a few additional ones, such as comments directly on tasks, that we have grown to love. It is very flexible, integrates with the tools that we already have and is easy to use - therefore Eylean is a great tool.Flexibility, integration with TFS, MS Outlook, Excel, ease of use.

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Harry Willson

Great tool for nowadays companies!

Reviewed 2015-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

First I had some doubts about this application, but when I started using it with my team we were surprised because of its flexibility, user interface and powerful integration into our customized TFS! With Eylean team amazing on-time support we've set everything up and running within a few days and now with continues assistance we are able to benefit from the Kanban more than ever!!!

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Harry Willson

Fits my workflow

Reviewed 2014-09-02
Review Source: GetApp

When my friend has recommended Eylean I looked at it skeptical, but since I have tried it I never looked back. What I love most of it - everything is so intuitive that I spent no time on learning! Only one drawback - as Eylean based on Windows platform I can't use it with my old Mac at home...

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Eylean Board pricing

Pricing options
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One time license
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Eylean Board offers two price models: free for personal use and annual subscription model based on the number of team members.

Eylean Board features


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Additional information for Eylean Board

Key features of Eylean Board

  • Client-Server based
  • WIP limits
  • Several boards
  • Lead and Cycle time
  • Assignments
  • Scrum board
  • Comments
  • Burndown
  • User permissions
  • Scrum-ban
  • TFS integration
  • Time tracking
  • TFS Kanban
  • Time reports
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Custom TFS integration
  • Cumulative flow diagram
  • Visual Kanban board
  • Configuration
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Eylean board offers integration with other business software as follows:

By integrating to TFS, Eylean transforms TFS Work items into a convenient overview and allows elevation of existing TFS process. It is a two way integration, that allows to perform any action on Eylean that is instantly transferred to TFS and vice versa.

Integration with MS Project to transform MS Project data into agile and lean data.

Integration with MS Excel that allows to import and export data and tasks.

Integration with MS Outlook which sends notifications to assigned e-mail accounts on newly created, assigned and completed tasks, as well as gives an option to turn an e-mail into a task in Eylean.