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JANUS overview

JANUS is a cloud-based cost control solution which includes modules for change management, manpower cost control, travel & expense cost tracking, and more. The system is designed to be used by project cost analysts & engineers, estimators, project accountants, and project management organizations.

The change and contingency drawdown management module in JANUS allows users to send, capture, and record change orders, with change status reporting by work breakdown structure (WBS). The sorting and grouping capabilities enable the identification of which WBSs are affected, and users can identify problem areas from granular, medium, and high levels. The master material and equipment list (MEL) gives users tools for estimating, time phased budgeting, and actual cost reporting. Multiple currencies can be managed, giving support for international organizations and projects. Reporting is standardized across all project phases, and schedules and costs are integrated at the lineitem level.

The manpower cost control module includes a range of standard reports for identifying problem areas, including revealing any unauthorized personnel on projects, as well as a proprietary algorithm for time phase forecasting. JANUS also includes an optional module for tracking travel and expense costs, which offers multiple forecasting options and allows users to identify projected peak and lag months.


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Dr. Orlando Villella

Review of Janus software

Reviewed 2017-02-27
Review Source: Capterra

I reviewed Janus software from the view of a project controls professional with over 40 years of experience in designing, implementing and utilizing project controls software on major domestic and international projects. Janus was designed by project controls professionals with experience in many different industries with a diversified client base. I contains a very strong master equipment list module that is essential for developing a meaningful baseline budget. In addition, the software contains Management of Change modules, contingency drawdown (build up / build down), actual costs and forecast by both cost and revenue. The software also contains capability to adjust risk and confidence based on class A through D estimates. You can also adjust on labor adjustment factors as well as historical factors. Manpower budgets, actuals, and forecasts are particularly robust, allowing for a more detailed analysis as one drills down into the data. The interface is consistent between modules, consistent and clear graphics are used throughout. That approach will be extremely valuable for Clients as they roll this out to their user base.Comprehensive cost control software, linked to schedule, includes original budget from the estimate, through actual costs, forecasts and management of change. There is consistent interface between modules. Modules include a master equipment list, contingency drawdown, manpower, forecasts for cost and revenue, and features for risk and confidence, and labor adjustment factors. It is quite advanced for a project control system.

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Matt Sawa

Janus Review Matt Sawa

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

I have used MANY different project management systems: complex ones from SAP and Oracle, specialized ones like Primavera, as well as sundry retail and in-house systems for costing, budget tracking, and risk management and I like Janus the best. Janus is well thought out from the user perspective. It is a PM centered program, not an IT centered program. By that I mean that the interfaces are intuitive, as are the reports. Janus is very scalable as well It works great with big systems and simple spreadsheets too. For this reason it is a good fit for companies trying to implement project systems and controls as well as a great system for those who already have it. For those of us who have worked in organizations with little project discipline and focus this is a great tool to introduce to your company/ client. It is not overwhelming to use or install. This is a very well thought out, well rounded product. Another great thing about Janus is the support and the knowledge level of the support. Janus has been developed by a team of career project management people who have brought to the market the tool that we have been asking for. I love the usability compared to others on the market.

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Drap and Drop

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

Use it everyday for displaying content in our kitchens on displays showcasing company announcements.Very easy to use. Similar to PowerPoint or Publisher. Simple and powerful.

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Jaime Ross

Just Right!

Reviewed 2017-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

Janus is a wonderful tool to utilize. There are several reasons why I personally like Janus. The main reason is its user friendly format. I do not have to be computer savvy to understand and utilize the software. I do not have to have a costly personal trainer to train me on how to use the functions. This leads me to my second like; the simplicity of it. I have everything I need right in front of me and do not have to have a lot of different t-codes to learn and try to remember as I do with a software such SAP. I prefer and enjoy the ability to be able to download the reports/information to excel and have the capability to turn this to a PDF right there on the spot! The deal sealer to me is the invoicing. I am highly attracted to the capability JANUS has to send the invoice to the customer's email and the customer is able to approve from their end and I am able to track all of the movements from my side; minimizing the risk of loss invoices and lessening the payment turnaround. JANUS is just right. Not too much and definitely not too little.

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Cameron Fisher

First of its kind...

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-14
Review Source: Capterra

The JANUS product allows its users to quickly, efficiently, and accurately manage project costs. In a previous project I found myself close to being over budget and edging closer to the critical path. Through the ease of the JANUS solution, I was able to target the problem areas and bring the project back on budget. The speed of JANUS allows for large projects to be entered with ease along with standard features that allow for seamless reporting and integration into excel. This product was clearly designed with the cost/project controls professional in mind.Speed, ease of use, and overall functionality.

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Additional information for JANUS

Key features of JANUS

  • Multi-currency
  • Third party integrations
  • Travel & expense cost tracking
  • Cost, hours & equipment forecasting
  • Cost engineering
  • Cost accounting
  • Change management
  • Contingency drawdown
  • Change orders
  • Master material & equipment list (MEL)
  • Standardized reporting
  • Grouping & sorting
  • Manpower cost control
  • Status reporting
  • Time phased budgets
  • Time phased forecasts
  • Peak & lag month projections
  • Overrun reporting
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Users can send, capture, and record change orders, with change status reporting by work breakdown structure (WBS) and grouping and sorting to identify which WBSs are affected.

The master material and equipment list (MEL) combines estimating, time phased budgeting, and actual cost reporting, and can manage multiple currencies.

Standard reports allow users to identify problems with manpower costs, with a proprietary algorithm for time phased forecasting.

Expense and travel costs can be tracked, with multiple forecasting options and identification of projected peak and lag months.