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What is Marstrand?

Marstrand Planning Intelligence provides you with a scalable view, from overview to detail of all elements of your planning and resources, giving you the control to create detailed and specific plans or to oversee your company, handing unforeseen events or difficulties smoothly, getting you back on track quickly.

Planning Intelligence considers four main dimensions: People, Projects, Finances, and Time.
Who is assigned to the job considering: competence profiles and experience; work hours and capacity, flexibility, part time, holidays, illness, or other activities.

Which projects or tasks need to be planned: Work Breakdown Structure, templates, easy and quick response to unforeseen events or difficulties, re-arranging schedules and people using drag and drop.

Stay on top of finances: create forecasts, reports, business intelligence graphics, and manage finances from overview of all projects to details of a single task or person.

How to best navigate time: plan people and projects based on previous commitments and upcoming engagements, move projects and people in time and create forecasts and pipeline projects.


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Marstrand features

Multiple Projects

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Additional information for Marstrand

Key features of Marstrand

  • Multiple projects/activities – multiple resources
  • Comprehensive resource management
  • Ease of use. Combines spread sheet functionality with Gantt
  • Time line flexibility: From years to hours in one system
  • Time based financial consequences, cost and revenue.
  • Flexible Business/Planning Intelligence.
  • Configurable by the user. Columns, perspectives, commands.
  • Safe technology and communication: Relational database.
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Marstrand Innovation is founded on our many years of experience from resource control in manufacturing. We know effective resource management across multiple projects means there must be integration of all time horizons, from strategic Portfolio Management to operational execution, and there must be budgeting and follow up for financial considerations.

Resource Management is based on four main areas:

Time is the main factor in managing resources. Planning Intelligence incorporates our unique, flexible time-line technology. Time resolution can be changed with one click between hour, day, week and month. Begin with monthly resolution and extend the degree of detail as a project phase comes closer. Zoom on day, week and month with automatic calculation.

Individuals and teams are assigned to jobs. Precise definition of capacity (working hours per day, absence and bookings and dates), cost and billing rates and competences. Resources can be individuals or budget resources to be reassigned. Planning can also include other types of resources such as equipment, rooms, or materials.

Projects, jobs, activities, time cells
A project is defined as detailed with WBS: Work Break Down Structure and dependencies. Resources are assigned to activities with input of hours in time cells directly in the planning board by day, week, or month. Link to documents and ”action lists” or ”to do’s”. Workflow control of procedures for resource management.

Activity based budgeting and follow up. Plan on any entity related to activities on the flexible time line, e.g. hours, costs, revenue, product or material units. It is much easier to make and control budgets than with traditional spreadsheets such as Excel™.