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Planbox Work

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Planbox Work overview

Planbox Work is a powerful project management tool for teams to prioritize, plan, collaborate and track project work. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your work your way across the entire team and can easily be used by everyone in the organization.

Planbox is built on the values of the agile manifesto as a blueprint. The emphasis is on team collaboration, tracking actual effort versus work estimates, measuring team efficiency, and giving users the tools necessary to respond quickly to change.

Planbox professional services team offers training, consulting services and industry-leading customer support. All clients get access to online support; premium support plans are also available.

Planbox lets you plan, estimate effort, track time, manage tasks, and deliver work right out of the box. Agile for all: every team can be agile – not just software developers!


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Planbox Work reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Ojash Shrestha

Keeps my clients and dev team happy.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-06
Review Source: Capterra

In my past 14 years in software industry, I have used various PM tools. By far, PlanBox has been the best tool for my company. I run a software consulting company called Novelty Technology ( and I needed a tool to manage all my clients, projects and my [offshore] development team. Because of diverse people with diverse technical background that were involved in my projects, I needed that perfect tool that was simple to use, agile and easy to collaborate. I signed up for PlanBox two years ago and both my clients and dev team love it. I stated out with 5 users and now I have 30+ users. It has saved time and doubled my productivity.

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Planbox Work

Work and Project Management Platform

Jared Musk

Powerful and intuitive Agile PM application

Reviewed 2015-09-21
Review Source: GetApp

Planbox is an agile project management tool that is simple to use and very powerful. This isn't your typical agile tool, it does a lot more. Believe me, we have been using planbox for several months now and we will never go back to what we used to do before planbox. Easy to use even as agile beginners, support is incredible. Great information is provided to get things started. It was easy for our team to get on board and use the tool and the feedback from my teams have been great. This makes it much easier for us to work together as a team. If you have a team managing multiple projects this is definitely a tool worth considering. The tool easily helps you plan and manage several iterations. My team loves using it and it has improved our productivity. It has improved the way we work and we will continue to use planbox. Overall this is a fantastic product with great features and support. I highly recommend it!Incredibly easy to use Many great features that help you manage with ease Great reporting that is available out of the box Intuitive for agile beginners and experts alike

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Planbox Work

Work and Project Management Platform

Keeahna Chambers

A Great Resource for Our Managers

Reviewed 2015-10-02
Review Source: GetApp

Being the Process Engineer for 3 companies, helped for me to realize that we needed a common repository for our "action items". When I researched Planbox, it was with just a couple of us as users. Then we expanded to 10 users, and now we are rapidly approaching 50 users! It's easy to train towards, and the extremely helpful support staff has been paramount with the successful roll-out of this application to our managers.Intuitive layout Constant updates Open to suggestions Easy to use

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Planbox Work

Work and Project Management Platform

Christoph A. von Dellingshausen

Best agile PM tool for our needs

Reviewed 2014-05-08
Review Source: GetApp

After an evaluation of different PM tools (with focus: agile/SCRUM) we decided to go with Planbox. Main reason was the extremely easy user interface which gives all team members a quick start. If people don't accept a tool, e.g. because it's too complex, it's a nightmare. What we also like a lot was the chance to create single tasks in a sprint with related subtasks. Each subtask can be assigned to a certain team member. As a scrum master you keep a very good overview about what's going on (who is working on which task etc.).- web user interface simple and easy to understand (your team can start without getting trained before) - agile/SCRUM approach is supported very well - sprint with tasks and subtasks (which can be assigned to team members)

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Planbox Work

Work and Project Management Platform

François Fortier

Ease of use

Reviewed 2016-06-22
Review Source: GetApp

We have been using Planbox for close to 2 years and it is by far the easiest tool for the project managers to use. Planbox has helped our company increase our project velocity by over 15% and is also used to monitor employee basic performance levels.

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Planbox Work

Work and Project Management Platform

Planbox Work pricing

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15 day trial available.

Plans Work starts at $8/month for up to 10 users

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Planbox Work Pricing Reviews

  • - simple and powerful (as they say it is) - easy to use - cheap! - easy import from Pivotal Tracker! - amazing support. I contacted them about a feature I thought would improve the was implemented within a month.
  • - I needed to pay with Amex and had to contact them for that.
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Planbox Work features

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Progress Tracking
Project Planning
Project Time Tracking
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Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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GetApp Analysis

Helping you keep all your project management activities in one cloud-based location that’s accessible anytime, anywhere, Planbox Work is a project management platform that works for everyone, regardless of their knowledge of agile processes. The different processes it covers include project portfolio management, project planning and execution, resource management, time tracking, collaboration and feedback, document management, and file sharing.

Planbox Work works for all team types, not just IT and software. It brings together team files, documents, and conversations in one place, and makes them searchable through keywords and relevant tags. Activities such as commenting and file sharing are integrated into their corresponding tasks, and activity streams are shown in the team’s dedicated project workspace in real time, ensuring all team members are aware of updates, milestones, and deadlines.

The software is brandable and highly customizable. By using filters, teams can enable only the features they need to work more effectively and efficiently.

What is Planbox Work?

A hosted web application that brings the various operations of a company into the agile lifecycle, Planbox Work enables teams to plan projects, assign tasks, manage resources, track time, collaborate with stakeholders within and outside the company, and share files and documents – all in an easy-to-use, intuitive framework. Powered by drag-and-drop technology, task assignments and prioritizations are done on the same page.

Used by big-name brands such as Stanford University and Deutsche Telekom, Planbox Work is built for anyone in an organization. Through Planbox’s four-level structure composed of initiatives, projects, items, and tasks, teams can create their own custom workflows. Access is role-based, and Planbox Work employs SSL/HTTPS security to keep your data safe. Its native API offers several different ways to extend the tool’s functionality.

Who is Planbox Work for?

  • Experience level: Newbie to expert in work and project management
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small businesses to large enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Project managers, portfolio managers, management executives, IT teams, marketing and sales teams, third-party vendor partners, clients, freelancers, contractors, and other stakeholders
  • Budget/point: Starts at $5 per user per month for a minimum of four users
  • Example customers:, CGI, Advantix Solutions Group, Deutsche Telekom, Philips, Starbucks, Stanford University, University of Michigan, and The Salvation Army

Main features

Project and Portfolio Management

Planbox Work takes care of project planning and execution through a structure with four tiers: initiatives, projects, items, and tasks. Initiatives, which represent the uppermost tier, can be likened to project portfolios, company departments, or individual clients. Generally speaking, they’re used to classify or organize your workload, particularly if you deal with multiple clients, distributed teams, or multiple projects with shared resources. In terms of timeframe, they’re long-term levels that can last weeks, months, or longer.

Projects are next in the hierarchy and, like initiatives, are long-term in nature. Under projects are items, which are work units or project deliverables. Tasks are lowest in the chain, and they represent activities that usually only last for hours. Conversations, files, and feedback can directly be attached to tasks for better workflow organization. For recurring projects with similar items and tasks, templates can be created. Planbox Work can accommodate an unlimited number of projects and initiatives.

Real-Time Collaboration

When working on new projects, project managers invite members to a unified workspace where they can keep track of conversations, questions, share files and documents, and perform other project-related activities. Through status updates that are fed into the activity stream in real time, team members know how tasks and items are progressing.

To communicate with colleagues, Planbox Work has a handy Comments feature. Whenever you post a comment to ask questions or reply to queries, others in the team are notified via in-app alerts and email. Collaborators who aren’t logged into Planbox Work can contribute to the conversation by replying to the comment email sent to them.

Time Tracking

Planbox Work's built-in time tracking feature makes it easy for users to track the time they spend on each task. You can enter time manually or using a timer. To start recording time, select “Start Timer” from the task’s dropdown menu. Menu selections also include “Work on Task,” “Complete,” and “Delete.” A blue timer then appears on the upper right-hand side of your screen. To stop the timer, go back to the dropdown menu and select “Stop Timer.”

If you need to work on an urgent task, starting time on a new task automatically stops time tracking on a previous task. Restarting the timer resumes time tracking from where you left off. Planbox Work's time tracking functionality not just makes client invoicing and the payroll processes for hourly employees faster, simpler, and easier, it’s also used for estimating and planning future sprints or iterations.

Task Management

Planbox Work has personal and team task management features. It lets you create your own tasks and track the ones assigned to you. To see the items and tasks you need done, log in to Planbox Work and click on Todos from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. There, you’ll see all the items assigned to you, including their due dates. Expand on an item to see the tasks under it.

Clicking on an item or task link takes you to a window containing more information on the task or item, including the project they’re under, due date, level of importance, and the labels assigned to them, among others.

Project managers can create and prioritize tasks, assign them to the most qualified staff in their team, and set deadlines. Detailed task descriptions can be included and relevant files attached. Task-related conversations are kept in the Comments tab, and user feedback, if any, can be found in the Feedback tab.

Reporting and Analytics

Planbox Work reports, tables, and graphs show how processes are tracking and how projects or initiatives are progressing. They can be found in the various sections of the Planbox Work platform, including the iteration board, which shows progress and people charts, burndown and velocity charts, iteration summary, iteration baselines, latest activities, and feedback reports.

Timesheets offer information on actual time spent on tasks. Burndown charts show effort versus time comparisons, while velocity charts gauge the rate at which teams successfully complete tasks within a specified timeframe, sprint, or iteration. Planbox Work reports can be customized according to your reporting specifications. It also offers a highly configurable reporting portal in the enterprise editions of the tool.


Aside from its open API to integrate third-party apps and your existing workflows, Planbox Work readily integrates with apps such as Zendesk, UserVoice, SnapEngage, GitHub, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Pivotal Tracker, and other calendaring solutions supporting the iCal interface, and BugDigger.

Planbox Work also fully integrates with Planbox Innovate, a cloud-based idea management solution. The integration allows you to collect and develop ideas in Planbox Innovate, then use Planbox Work to experiment and transform the best ideas into winning projects.


Planbox Work offers three editions: Group, Professional, and Enterprise. Group is priced at $4 per user per month for up to 50 users. Contact Planbox for pricing on the other editions. All plans offer a free 30-day trial.

A free account for two collaborators with a maximum of two projects is also available. Special offers are offered to startups, students, academic institutions, and nonprofits.

Bottom line

  • An intuitive work and project management platform that facilitates team communication and collaboration
  • Tracks time for better job costing, easier invoicing, and future sprint planning
  • Customizable reports
  • Has an open API to connect your existing software tools
  • Offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices

Videos and tutorials

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Key features of Planbox Work

  • Items & Tasks: assign, prioritize, comment, set deadlines…
  • Reports: graphs and tables show process and progress
  • Feedback: customer feedback gets linked to work items
  • Portfolio Management: group projects into initiatives
  • 3rd party integrations: Github, Zendesk, Snapengage, etc…
  • Estimate time and plan your Sprint
  • Project time tracking and reporting
  • Book resources on projects and manage resource allocations
  • Planning tools
  • Prioritizing
  • Assignment management
  • Assignment tracking
  • Commenting
  • Deadline tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • Collaborative review
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Progress tracking
  • Real time updates
  • Real time monitoring
  • File filter
  • Automatic notifications
  • Document management
  • Document review
  • Third party integration
  • Real time data
  • Status reporting
  • Activity dashboard
  • Dashboard creation
  • Trend analysis
  • Timeline management
  • Progress reports
  • Secure data storage
  • Data import/export
  • Import / export data
  • Nightly backup
  • SSL security
  • Data encryption
  • Security & encryption


Planbox Works offers a complete feature set without compromising great user experience and usability. Your team will actually like using the tool.

Our incredibly intuitive tool, true agile design, powerful yet easy to use features, and incredible customer support make Planbox Work the perfect work and project management solution.


Both project management experts and beginners will find Planbox remarkably easy to use. Teams with no project management experience can jump right in while teams who are already PM veterans can adapt the tool to their current process. Planbox supports all popular agile work methods such as SCRUM, Kanban and XP.


Planbox empowers managers to make better decisions by having them understand each team member’s workload. Managers can also easily oversee distributed teams as well as remote workers and integrate them seamlessly into the iterative process.


With Planbox Work, teams can collaborate, communicate and interact during all phases of a project. Common resources (emails, documents, files, etc) are both organized and accessible. Planbox offers a feedback widget that embeds on any customer facing site. User feedback is gathered in Planbox and can be linked to work items.


Unlike most agile tools, Planbox is suitable for all types of teams; not only software and IT teams. Furthermore, Planbox caters to all individuals of an organization. Companies can therefore become entirely agile while all their departments and teams work collaboratively.


The architecture of Planbox is laid out in four levels - initiatives, projects, items and tasks. This flexibility coupled with customizable reporting options allows for easy management of an entire portfolio of projects.


Planbox lets teams turn on the features they need to work efficiently. The Planbox API offers many ways of extending the tool’s functionality and can be used to build custom apps and perform seamless integrations with other systems and tools.