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ProcessGene Task Management Software overview

The Task Management Challenge
With the increase of operational complexity on one hand, and the attempts to optimize and automate work processes on the other, organizations are required to invest more efforts in managing organizational tasks. The task management process is continuous, and needs to be closely monitored.
Multi-subsidiary organizations are confronting even more complex task management challenges, due to differences between the business processes, work teams, and work procedures of subsidiaries. Hence, task management in a multi-subsidiary environment becomes a complex and resource consuming mission when managed manually or by uncoordinated tools that are not specifically designed for Multi-Org operations.

ProcessGene™ Task Management Software Solution
The ProcessGene™ Task Management solution is a powerful yet user-friendly cloud software that enables enterprises to define, allocate, schedule, and monitor tasks- in order to reduce workforce management complexity and leverage visibility into work accomplishment status. This BPM software enables the definition of recurring tasks, and provides users with task accomplishment wizard - that sends email notifications and guides through the required task phases. The software solution supports concurrent management of multiple projects, work-teams and business units.

The ProcessGene™ Task Management solution includes powerful tools for task tracking and monitoring such as configurable task reports and task accomplishment logs. With our Multi-Org technology, multi-subsidiary organizations can manage their tasks centrally within an easy and flexible environment.

ProcessGene™ has been a pioneer and global leader in Multi-Org technology. During the past decade we have mastered a unique expertise in providing solutions to multi-subsidiary organizations worldwide (see Gartner's report). Our task management solution has been specifically designed for multi-subsidiary organizations and it features the most comprehensive solution for complex, distributed compliance challenges.

The ProcessGene™ Multi-Org technology enables organizations to think globally and act locally through a unique business process model formation that contains a global baseline together with a set of local variants. The global baseline is managed by corporate HQ, ensuring a controlled global environment, while allowing subsidiaries a predefined level of local flexibility.


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English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish
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ProcessGene Task Management Software features

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Additional information for ProcessGene Task Management Software

Key features of ProcessGene Task Management Software

  • Definition of tasks, assigned users, and scheduling data
  • Customizable application fields
  • Ability to assign tasks to several assignees (work-teams)
  • An activity log - to track changes in the model
  • Define task managers for approving/rejecting the task
  • Support for both single occurrence and recurring tasks
  • Email based notifications and alerts
  • Reuse of tasks - for several purposes and projects
  • A user-friendly Wizard for completing special task types
  • Dedicated dashboards for task accomplishment status
  • A powerful searching and reporting module
  • Optional: Direct connectivity to ERP systems
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1. Very fast implementation, the system is up and running within days
2. The most seasoned and comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the BPM software domain (see Gartner's report)
3. Full transparency, visibility and control of the task management project
4. Easy to use, no training required - due to the ProcessGene's task completion wizard that guides users in completing their task steps
5. Multi-Org technology enables central control and management of subsidiaries' tasks
6. An efficient management of work using the ProcessGene™ task engine, making it the most powerful system in the industry - yet intuitive and user friendly
7. Central cockpit with dashboards for data analysis and diagnostics- showing quantitative task management status
8. Controlling multiple projects within an integrated framework
9. Saves management time and efforts-by automatic notifications. Management can control late tasks and communicate with late users from a central dashboard
10. Business Process Management (BPM) support (optional)
11. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) support (optional)