Project Drive Features

Project Drive

Web-based project management software

5.0/5 (3 reviews)

Project Drive Feature Summary

  • Web based & Fully customizable
  • Extensive Dashboard & widgets
  • Document repository & Versionning
  • Custom Reports & automatic report generation
  • Gantt, calendar and tabular view of tasks
  • Email notification and reminders
  • Timesheet Module
  • Project status Report in real-time
  • Track Expense/Cost/Billable
  • Resource Utilization tracking

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Project Drive Feature Reviews

2 reviewers had the following to say about Project Drive's features:


easy to learn and the support service is great


Project Drive is an awesome collaboration tool.


High level of customization Ease of use Expenses tracking



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Barbara Stoddard

Project Drive Database


Whenever we have had any requests and/or challenges, Project Drive is extremely quick and responsive to us.


We have not really found much to not be happy with. The program does everything we were looking for, has some glitches, which they fix as soon as you tell them about it. They have the best customer service I have ever dealt with.


So, if you are looking for a company name and put in "Project Drive", the search will bring up everything with the word "Project" in it and the word "Drive" in it, which is not too helpful.

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