Complete walkthrough of Projectplace’s main navigation options


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Complete walkthrough of Projectplace’s main navigation options

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: Absolutely! Let’s start with the home button. The home button is for me, for my individual. I’m the resource here. I can get a couple of quick things.

I can get shortcuts. If there are projects that I’m working on every day and I want to add a shortcut to a particular page or a particular part of the project. I can do that.

I can see all the projects that I’m responsible for or that I am assigned to. I can see recent documents that I’ve been working on. I can see all the assignments that I have been assigned to. Again, I can filter that to what I’m assigned to today, what am I assigned tomorrow. So a lot of flexibility just in terms of your homepage here and just getting quick access to key information that you care about.

Of course you have the ability, if you can see on the far right hand side; start a new project, you can get in to your personal details. If you want to go in and change some key information about yourself or update your password or what have you, you got the ability to do that. Maybe I should go update my picture.

But the idea is this home tab, is a quick starting point for you to see all the key information across all the projects that you’re working on. Then again, draw right in to a particular project to get in and focus your attention.

The second tab here is projects; as you can expect the list of the key projects. You can find projects a number of ways. In this example, I am invited to a lot of projects. But you can search for them in the top right. You can see them on your home view or you can just come in, jump to that project that you know you need to focus on and move on.

Assignments; this assignments tab is going to give you quick access to all the assignments that you’ve been addressed to in this particular example so now I can see. Again, you can get the idea here that I’ve got a lot of things going on. But the great thing about this is, as I look across all of the activities I’ve been assigned to, I’ve got one click, I can actually drill into them and go get started on it.

Giving that end user the ability to quickly define exactly what they have going on. I prefer to use the assignments tab on my homepage but its here for you just the same as shortcut. If I want to go see, if I want to create a one-click access to a key page or a key area the application for a particular project, it’s that simple to do.

Jimmy: Okay. For any project and any task, you can add let’s do it that I’ll look through here?

Jason: That’s right. Similarly, recent documents. Again when you think about the foundation or element of Projectplace and making sure that we’re getting these key deliveries on projects done. I can have access to all the documents that I’ve used recently, jump over to them and I’m rocking and rolling.

One thing that I will point out is there is an online meeting service that comes with Projectplace. For those teams that are working in a virtual environment, we’ll actually give them free license to use the online meetings so you can create an online meeting, invite somebody to attend it and really collaborating across the platform and across the project. So that is available to you as well.

We’ve also shown you time reporting and we talked a little bit about kind of the overview of the reporting capabilities here with portfolios and workload as well from a project office tab.

The last thing in navigation I’ll share is search. Search is so important with collaboration. In this particular example, you can see I’ve got the search capabilities so I can go in and keyword search, anything that I’d like to. If I want to go keyword search video content or if I want to go keyword search product development, it’s that simple to go and search the entire application. The key thing about that is if you’re on a particular project, you can say, “I want to search just this project or I want to search everything that we have across the enterprise.” It’s up to you.

Lastly, you have the ability to see all your notifications. Because, one thing that we want to do is we want to keep the users informed. We want keep the user informed of things like; Nikki went ahead in 38 minutes ago she responded to my ask about updating the project; Jeff mentioned me in a couple of comments where I can easily go and see those. Notifications on your phone, notifications in Outlook or in your email should I say and notifications immediately in the application or the service itself.