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Discover Projectpalce's mobile project management app

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: We realized that organizations are working globally, working with despair groups across the globe and they need to stay connected. In this particular example, I want to walk you through the mobile experience. It’s a mobile app that you can download from the iTunes store or in an Android device as well. But, it will give you access to all the key information about your project.

In this example; I can see projects and notifications and conversation and I can interact with them. Let’s take a particular project that that we may be working on; our sales kickoff meeting as an example. I can see all the key comments and conversations. I can go in and add a new conversation on the fly. If I want to go in and post a comment, if I want to @ reference somebody, if I want to take a picture or associate an image; I can do all of that from my mobile device.

What I can also do is look at information related to each of my projects. In this particular example, I’ll look at my Open Innovation projects. You’ll see, I’m just kind of moving this around on my finger here but now you can see I’ve got all the boards that I have access to.

In this event, I’ll drill in to the technology research board and you can see; here’s the card, is this single sign on compatible. I’ve got one comment on it. I can go in and I can write a comment. I can say, “Yes, absolutely.”

Commenting, posting, collaboration, directly from my phone, I can attach a file where that makes sense. But what you can also do is you can actually take this from plan. I can just use my finger, drag it over and move it into working on, or maybe I want to move it into done. So directly from phone, regardless of where I am across the globe, I’ve got the ability to interact and continue to progress my project, my phases, my tasks directly from my mobile device.

If I want to go add a new card, I can add a new card. I can do it from my mobile device. I can do it by sending an email that creates a card for me automatically on a board. So a lot of flexibility in terms of mobile capabilities here that our users have, the flexibility to leverage.

I wanted to share that with you. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to look at documents as well. So if your phone can open up and view a particular document format, you can actually have a document sent to you for review. You can click on that document. Open it up and you’re good to go. You can review it, comment on it and submit it back to the person that asks you to review it, all from your mobile device.

I wanted to share that with you, to give you little bit of context about the capabilities available for those employees that are on the go, in airports and anywhere else and their ability to continue to status Projectplace regardless of where they are.