How to create a project from a template in Projectplace


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How to create a project from a template in Projectplace

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: It’s very, very simple as you can imagine. I probably have overstated that point. But, either right here from your homepage, you can just click start project.

This is where when I mentioned I want to talk about templates. I think you’ll find this interesting and are certainly our customers are driving to continue to innovate around it but this concept of templates.

I was on a call yesterday with one of our customers and we were talking about their use of templates. They said, “We’re saving hours of man time every day by simplifying the way that our project managers can get a project initiated.” Because here is the great thing about this: in this particular example, if I call this a Projectplace New Project as an example. You can choose from a set of templates.

The templates are controlled organizationally but as you can see here, I can say, “This is a new product development launch project.” Just like that, I can just simply pick the template. I can pick the start date and I can hit create project.

What it’s going to do and I think when we hear things like, customers saving hours of man time a week anywhere from 10 to 15 hours across the organization and even more. Because when you think about this, what we’ve done – here’s a brand new project. Every user on their first time, their first entry into the project will get an enablement video, an on boarding video, so keeping it really simple. But what you’ll see is the template comes with a predefined work breakdown structure, a plan. It comes with cards.

Now, I’ve got all my task already created and what would I need to do here? I may just need to go in and start assigning people. So I assign Jason and now I’m starting to interact and it also comes with all your documents, your folders and your templates.

Imagine the amount of time that we can save each of our customers if we can stream line away. They go about creating new projects. It’s literally that simple. So that’s one of those little nice to have features that competitively puts us in a position where again we’re taking advantage all the capabilities that Projectplace offers; plans, boards and documents, putting it into a pre-defined template and you’re off and running.

We’re working on pre-packaged content. Today it’s more organization to organization. Because, remember the Projectplace install-based, customer-based is so broad and it’s so large. Finding one particular template that is applicable to every market is challenging.

Jimmy: Yeah, very difficult.

Jason: Yeah, but what we offer are, we can have one hour on boarding class for the organization and maybe the person who would be responsible for creating templates, kind of get them seated on some thoughts around how to best use templates and then they’re off and running. The thing that I want you guys and I want the user community to hear is the on boarding process. Now I’m using that word specifically – on boarding, not implementation. This is not a three to six, nine month implementation. This is done in minutes and hours, not in days or measured in months or years frankly.

We can get on a WebEx. We can get on a meeting using the online meeting system here and walk our user through how to create a template. Get them up and running and operational and then they can go in and start creating those templates on the fly that are dressed to their business practice. Because once you’ve created one, it’s that simple. You go create as many as you want.