How to view a collaborator’s workload in Projectplace


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How to view a collaborator’s workload in Projectplace

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: The other thing, I said there’re two things about reporting. The first was this concept of the portfolio report. The other thing that I’ll explain real quickly is this concept of workload.

I’ll tell you that as we bring this product to market and as we develop it every single month, we’re always listening to our customers and trying to find out what’s the next big thing that we should be working on. One of the overwhelming things that people are asking us for is the visibility of all the resources that are assigned to projects and the cards across the enterprise.

We can take Aaron who’s got nine projects that he’s working on. He got five cards that are overdue. So he’s behind on five particular initiatives; the product launch, the enterprise launch. He’s got a couple of project here that he needs to go focus on.

We’ll as you can see, in this particular example, I’m looking at 1,700 members. So this is our company. We got a lot of people on the portfolio that I have access to. But, we can look at like Alexander Stevens.

The thing that I enjoy here is if you see the big blind here. What that line is going to represent are days that that resource has card assigned to them. What it will also will show you is when you get a darker shade of blue, that means that this particular resource has more than one card assigned to them in that time period.

We’re not trying to drive up in the world of PPM. We’re not trying to drive into the world of detailed resource utilization. But, what we are trying to give our customers are the ability to see, “Hey, we’re can I slot in some additional work for some of my key resources who’s potentially overloaded.” So I can look at Allen and see he’s a busy guy. He’s got 15 things that are overdue. He’s on 43 projects.

We’re driving this level of visibility through workload management that frankly our customers has just been asking us for. I think for people who are out there with a constrained resource pool, who are trying to get more projects delivered on time and on budget, this workload management view is going to provide them the ability to make sure that they’re doing that in consideration of resource schedules and making sure that people are just aren’t too overloaded.