Learn about Projectplace’s pricing structure


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Learn about Projectplace’s pricing structure

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: About pricing and what I’ll tell you is I encourage you to reach out, to go setup a trial. Take a look at the service. Reach out to us at Projectplace and we’ll walk you through and get creative on the pricing strategy that works best for your organization.

Here’s a list price. First and foremost, we offer a product called ToDo. ToDo.projectplace.com., that is free. It allows you to go in and manage the kanban board. So you can go in, you can manage your kanban board for a particular project and you can do that for free.

There are additional capabilities of managing more than one kanban board as well. So you do have some options in terms of some flexible pricing for the ToDo user. But what we’ve shown you today is really built around our team edition and our enterprise edition.

What you see is for $29 a month, you can go in. You can buy it right online. You can see you can manage one project. You have all the basic features. In fact, you can drill in and you can see everything that we’ve talked about so far.

We didn’t have a chance to show you the mobile device. It is fantastic. If that’s something that you think is interesting, we can certainly show that to you. But, these are all the features that you get but you really get it for one project.

This is built for teams trying to go out and deliver a project to the organization. They can try it. They can use it for a month and frankly, it’s month to month and they can be done. It’s up to them.

If you’ve got one project you want to go manage, go ahead and do it. You have the abilities. It’s right there.

What we’ve done, we kind of showed you an unlimited set of projects with all basic features that you can brand on your own with time reporting and online meetings. You can see here you can call for that enterprise pricing. That’s where we will get creative and make sure that we are competitive from a pricing perspective. Well, I’ll say with the most players in the space. Again, there are some that are free across the board with very limited capabilities.

Again, if that’s something that you’re looking for, then we’ve got an option for you in ToDo. But call us for enterprise pricing. Happy to go through that conversation with you.