Learn how Projectplace can help you improve your project management


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Learn how Projectplace can help you improve your project management

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jimmy: Hey, welcome back to another Get Guide brought to you by GetApp. Today, I’m going by Jason White and Jason is senior Vice President who keeps full things at Projectplace.

Jason, how are you?

Jason: I’m great Jimmy. How are you sir?

Jimmy: I’m doing great. Projectplace seems like a very interesting product. Who is this product aimed for and then what will it help them accomplish?

Jason: Projectplace is designed to enable teams; from small teams to large teams to more effectively communicate as they execute on projects across the enterprise. It’s all about team collaboration, big or small and everything in between; making sure that we are getting those projects to market as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible.

Jimmy: Okay. What are some of the things that you consider? I know we’ll actually see these things a little later on, but what are some of the things that you consider that Projectplace apart from any other solutions that might be out there?

Jason: Sure. It’s really the rich feature set and the user experience. Projectplace offers the ability to provide collaboration across the project and across teams. It provides document management. It provides the kanban, and task management, and project planning all in one solution.

There are a lot of point solutions out there that will frankly allow you to do one or maybe two of those, but Projectplace really rounds out the service by providing our customers with a one stop shop to truly help them drive the level of project execution that they need to across those teams. So it’s really is. The differentiation is in the feature set and it’s also in the user experience. I will demonstrate that for you, but it’s absolutely 100% designed to be user friendly. I always say if you use the Internet before, you can pick this thing up and run with it.

Jimmy: What are some of the companies that are using Projectplace and if you can explain to me a little bit maybe of some used cases and what they’re doing out there, this app gives through their needs?

Jason: Well, it’s a bit of a loaded question because it’s broad. Literally we have over 2,000 customers, over a million users. I think the interesting thing about that is that you’re not talking about a start-up. We’ve been in business since 1988.

The customer based is significant and it’s diverse. We have everybody from small, 2 or 3 men shops that are trying to develop a new product to bring the market in a technology space, all the way up to large retails with thousands of users of the application driving enterprise collaboration for all the project across their business and kind of everything in between.

You can see some of the names here on our homepage. You can also go to the customer’s tab on the .com page to get a really thorough review, but it literally is.

The thing I love about it is we have an opportunity to help everybody who’s working on project. It’s not designed for just companies over a thousand people or companies over X number of users or X millions of dollars. It really is. I tell people all the time, I can go sell this to anybody that I have a conversation with in a subway or on a sideway or on a school play. It is that flexible.

Jimmy: Okay, this is great! How about we jump in and check it out.

Jason: Sure.

Jimmy: Make sure to search getapp.com for other great business apps.