Projectplace’s philosophy of “more flexible for project managers”


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Projectplace’s philosophy of “more flexible for project managers”

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: Keep in mind; Jimmy, one thing is not all of our customers use the entire service. I mean, you may have a project manager who really loves kanban, maybe the more creative in nature and they don’t want to use a project plan. Maybe they think project plans are days gone by, vice versa. You may have somebody in another organization in the same company that only likes project plan. It’s no problem.

A project manager can chose how much of the service they want to use to execute their projects. Frankly, using multiple boards and having the ability to do something like this where we go in and we look at it and we say, “Okay. Maybe I want to see everything that Ben Hood is working on.”

Well, I can flip that and look at it by individual resource. You pivot that and say, “Okay. Ben, the only step you had on this project was the Internal Enablement and that customer service card that we were just focused on.”

The idea of being able to think about task a little bit differently. I think another one that you might find valuable is being able to look at this by activity. From a, “What are we doing on a product launch? What are we doing on the prelaunch phase?” This is the level of your project plan, these are your phases, and here all the cards that are associated to each level of the plan that you saw earlier.

We kind of bring it both together here. But again, you have the flexibility. Users can choose how they want to leverage the service.