Projectplace’s time tracking and reporting options


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Projectplace’s time tracking and reporting options

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: Well, there’re two other things that we probably should talk about. One is time reporting. While a lot of our customers use it every single day, many of our customers don’t. Frankly, it’s an organizational decision.

But I want to talk about time sheets and I also want to talk about templates. Because I think the ability to improve the way that an organization matures, their project planning process and their execution processes, really hinges around this concept of templates. But, let’s time reporting for just a second. Again, this is very simple. I love the user experience here.

You can quickly go in and pick a particular project. Select an activity on that project and add it directly to your time sheet. You can go in. You can add your different project hours that you worked on for this particular time period. You can add a comment and you can save it.

I mean, it really is just a very, very simple and easy way to allow end users to go in, fill out that time sheet. Because, a lot of our customers they really want to be able to understand how much time we’re spending on and each of the core phases and tasks and cards here. Giving them the flexibility to report time is important there.

Then also, frankly it can be using our open API capabilities and rest capabilities, you can integrate this with other applications. If you want to go take this time reported and send it out to your financial solution, no problem. You can cost that time there and bring that time back in as an actual cost as an example.

So lot of flexibility in terms of time reporting but the thing that is just so important here is it’s easy. People don’t like reporting time at home for fun. So if you make it hard in an application, they’re not going to do it. Keep it simple, allow them to get in, report their time and be done and that’s exactly goes on with this service.