The available integrations with Projectplace


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The available integrations with Projectplace

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Guest (Projectplace)

Guest: First off, let’s talk about integrations. I mentioned it in the demonstration that we use a third party tool called Zapier to build integrations. I think it’s all based on kind of rest API services. But we build those integrations were applicable; some of our customers need them, most of our customers don’t. But we do have some native integrations in the service as well.

You can see here as an example; the DropBox, the Google Drive and Box. Those are examples of leveraging our integration services to provide out of the box integrations to key content repositories that we know a lot of our customers leverage.

Another example would be Planview Enterprise. Planview Enterprise is another product line under the umbrella of Planview. We’ve integrated Projectplace with Planview Enterprise so that users who want to do more around strategic planning and prioritization, what if and capacity planning and analysis, a demand management, all that kind of great stuff. We’ve integrated the execution layer of Projectplace into Planview Enterprise so that regardless if you’re working on a project in Projectplace or in Planview that we’ve got an ability to monitor, manage and execute and understand exactly what’s going on across the enterprise.

Those are few integrations that are “out of the box.” But again, we’ve integrated Projectplace into financial applications. We’ve integrated it into other off the shelf systems as well. Again, we can provide more detail, more content to any of our customers that want to leverage this service. Because things like as I mentioned, time reporting out or actual cost in, or single sign on capabilities which are available out of the box as well. All those capabilities are included in this.