The plan view of a project in Projectplace including it’s Gantt style scheduling


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The plan view of a project in Projectplace including it’s Gantt style scheduling

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Projectplace)

Jason: Let’s jump over and take a look at the plan. There’re a lot of companies out there that offer Gantt charts and offer the ability to manage projects and their solutions. I will tell you that the Projectplace service allows you to do that very easily, whether you’re a certified PMI, expert project manager, or whether you’re a novice, a task deliverer and somebody who’s kind of what I’ll call an accidental project manager.

The idea is; you’re going to be able to pick up this service; come in; build out and intuitive Gantt chart, one that’s very simple and easy, yet can be as robust as you want. If you want to have phases, and tasks, and activities, and set of activities or all the way down, no problem. Or, if you’re more used to using something like Excel and you want to keep this in a kind of flat list, no problem. We think about the world in terms of milestones and phases.

Of course, I can go in and add a new activity. I can say that it’s going to be four weeks in duration. I can simply tab over, hit enter and it’s there. So, without even fingers leaving even the keyboard; I can easily go in; create that new project plan; create that new line and the schedule; drag it over to the date that make sense for me.

In terms of my Gantt here, I can connect it with other steps in the process as well. If I want to say it’s dependent or create a dependency, I can do that. But, it’s really that simple to go in and start thinking through, “How am I going to deliver this project?”

What you’ll also notice is we’re going to try to give you a little bit of help along the way. We’re going to show you if you have a project step that’s delayed. The prelaunch phase and the launch day steps are a bit delayed. So we’re going to help you start understanding that. We’re going to use words like, “estimated,” and “actual effort,” and “time reported.”

We do have a concept of reporting time, if that’s of interest to you. Again, it’s completely optional but a lot of our customers are interested in that and so we offer that capability as part of the core service. But, being able to drill in

The thing that I think you’ll find interesting here is; remember when I collaboration across the product? If I want to go in and again, talk to Nikki about this particular task. Just like that, I can ask her to review this task or review this phase. Now I’m doing that from the Gantt, but I’m interacting with one individual.

I don’t have to copy the entire team with every part of my collaboration. I’m doing it directly from this user experience in a simple way. Add that; she’ll get an email; she’ll get a notification on her smartphone; and she can now communicate. She and I can start working together to get this thing delivered on time.