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Projecturf overview

What is Projecturf?

Get up and running in minutes not hours: With Dock-like navigation, Finder-like collapsible document folder management and project color-coding, and a similar calendar interface to iCal - the instinctive Mac-inspired interface of Projecturf 2.0 ensures almost no learning curve. This highly intuitive design is a result of years of real designers' feedback - making this sleek project software vastly different from other online project management software.

Important Project Management and Collaboration Features offered:

- Whiteboards: Users can create, edit, set permissions, and collaborate on documents using a custom inline editor.
- Event Calendar with Drag and Drop: A full calendar for every project with tasks, subtasks, and events. Simply drag and drop events or rearrange project plans quickly. Easily check availability of others with one click and download events to use with popular calendar services.
- Global Dashboard: Keep track of all your projects in one single location. View latest activity, calendars, tasks, and more across all your projects.
- Custom Reports & Graphs: New project level and global reporting sections for managing resources, tracking project status, and summarizing your data.
- Bug Tracking / Tickets: Now you can assign tickets, track their status, upload screenshots, add notes and comments, and mark them closed.
- Privacy Controls: Users can control all access to their data and information by making items private, setting permissions, and hiding information such as email addresses.
- Multiple Assignments: Assign items to multiple people or a pre-defined group by simply clicking a box.
- Multiple Admins: Grant others control of your account by assigning admin privileges. System Admins have full control of everything you do whereas Project Admins can create and modify projects and access your address book.
- Code Snippets: Developers and programmers can store and share nicely formatted code snippets.
- Reply to discussions via email: Reply to notifications directly from your inbox and keep all your discussions centralized in one location
- Contact Groups: Use advanced drag and drop functionality to create contact groups for quickly adding users to a project, assigning users to a task or ticket, and setting permissions in any section.


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Projecturf pricing

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All three Projecturf 2.0 business plans allow unlimited storage space with no cap on users, project managers or features and a 14 day risk-free trial:

Start-Up Plan - $34.99 per month (manage up to 10 projects)
Business Plan - $69.99 per month (manage up to 30 projects)
Enterprise Plan - $169.99 per month (manage up to 150 projects)
Individual Plan for freelancers - $9.99 per month

Projecturf features


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Additional information for Projecturf

Key features of Projecturf

  • Task collaboration
  • Productivity suite
  • Share files
  • Free trial
  • Projects always available at all times
  • My Stuff for personal things
  • Instant collaboration
  • Complete projects on-time and on-budget
  • Quick entry (get things recorded instantly)
  • Multiple workspaces with one login
  • Real-time notifications
  • Activity feeds
  • Instant email notifications
  • Stay plugged-in at all times
  • Inline commenting
  • File previews
  • Custom themes
  • Commenting
  • Data Filtering
  • Reports
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- Work without limits: A first in project management software - Projecturf 2.0 provides unlimited file storage space on all business plans with no cap on users, project managers or features. Share and upload large numbers of files without storage restrictions, constraints or additional charges.
- The extras are included for all users: All plans come with all features. Unlike other planning software, the cost of using Projecturf 2.0 won't increase with add-ons.
- Free brand integration with logo service: Branding is crucial for small and medium-sized businesses. As an added level of customization, Projecturf offers a free logo service to integrate each user's existing company logo into Projecturf 2.0.
- Get up and running in minutes not hours: The refined and instinctive interface ensures almost no learning curve. The highly intuitive design of Projecturf 2.0 is a result of years of real users' feedback - making this sleek project software vastly different from other online project management software.
- The user dictates how people and projects should be managed: Projecturf 2.0 was built using SMB users' feedback and will continue to be improved based on customers' requests and project management needs.