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Collaborative project and task management software

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Project & Task Management Simplified!

Created by humans that used all the other complicated or under intuitive project management software solutions and disliked every moment of it. This one's for you!

ProTasker project management software is designed with all types of companies in mind - from one-person small businesses to medium-sized firms with a significant employee base. Our project management software gives you the flexibility to customize the application based on existing business practices, so mortgage representatives, marketing agencies, and even doctor's offices will feel right at home. Learn more about ProTasker project management software.


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Anthony Sole

ProTasker is Project Perfect

Reviewed 2012-01-09
Review Source: Capterra

Absolutely recommend ProTasker. I'm in a marketing and web design agency and it has worked wonders for us - I have to think it will do the same for other agencies and definitely in other industries.Previous to ProTasker I was using outdated and clunky project management tools to keep the agency and our clients on the same page. I saw ProTasker and fell in love as soon as I signed up for the demo. Very easy to use with centralized data storage, client management tools, project and task management, and a calendar feature - I'll be using PT for a long time. Has definitely made a difference.

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Walter Deyo

Protasker saved me time, money and a bunch of headaches!

Reviewed 2012-01-06
Review Source: Capterra

As a one man shop I have gotten a lot of use out of this software. Protasker has saved me more money then I actually spend per month to have it. I would recommend this software to any sized company/agency who needs help being more organized.- Saved me at least an hour a day by helping me keep organized. - Great scheduling feature to help plan out my day. - Can be used differently based on the scope of any project. - The unlimited user feature is awesome!

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Evan Urbania

Great software for digital agencies!

Reviewed 2012-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

A great product for a small/mid sized digital agencyeasy to use, extremely powerful and flexible. File storage options are great. Excellent workflow for digital agencies.

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30 day free trial and only $47.97/month. No contracts and obligations!

ProTasker features


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Additional information for ProTasker

Key features of ProTasker

  • The simplest project management software to use
  • Create projects and assign tasks immediately for a project
  • Make task templates with pre-defined "To-Do" items
  • Learns the time associated with template types for reporting
  • Allows you to report for quoting projects more efficiently
  • Software is accessible anywhere via the web
  • Video tutorial assistance every step of the way with clear n
  • Low monthly investment with NO yearly agreements
  • Email notifications as tasks are assigned to you
  • Click and drag task scheduling within calendar
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ProTasker gives your arms a rest and takes care of the juggling – in a slick, easy to use interface that puts the power back in your hands. Find all your current and upcoming projects with ease, collaborate with other users and instantly view details and status.

Stop directing traffic and let ProTasker keep your calendar clean and organized. ProTasker features a robust calendar tool that allows your project managers to easily schedule the entire studio for weeks in advance. ProTasker gives you the ability to take a look at your future schedule and see what’s coming down the pike. The ProTasker calendar is clean and powerful, featuring click-and-drag functionality for easy scheduling updates. But it’s more than a calendar - it’s your employee’s dashboard, their home base, and their guide on how to get stuff done – all with the click of a button.

Don’t get hung up on the details – ProTasker sweats the small stuff so you can focus on growing your business. Create, assign, and track all your company’s daily tasks at the project level. View all tasks by employee and keep a finger on the pulse of your clients and your company.

ProTasker allows you to keep track of all your clients in one centralized location. Stop passing phone numbers, addresses, and contact names back and forth – ProTasker is your client repository and can be accessed through any computer with an Internet connection. Centralizing your client list streamlines your office and gives all vital team members access to the information they need to be productive.

Ever create a to-do list and throw it away? Now you can keep those to-do lists and save them as task templates for useage in projects later. ProTasker learns the average time it takes to complete the template and shows you an average for easier time and dollar quoting.

ProTasker allows you to keep track of all the time your employees are spending on projects in one centralized location. Empower them to create their own schedule and see how much time is spent on projects.