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SwiftKanban overview

SwiftKanban provides you an extensive set of features to help you visualize your currect/new workflow and work, define WIP limits, highlight bottlenecks, help them with their daily standups, retrospectives and other regular meetings; and get extensive actionable analytics to help improve their overall process and flow.

SwiftKanban can be used by software teams, IT/ ops/ DevOps teams, project managers/ teams and those in HR, marketing, sales, procurement, construction, insurance, legal and other fields to visualize their team’s processes and work and improve overall flow, efficiency, and delivery of value to their customers.

SwiftKanban combines Scrum, Kanban, and visual management to offer a powerful tool for Lean/Agile software development, visual project management, and business collaboration and improvement.

SwiftKanban is available on SaaS as well as On-Premise models and comes with a free Team version as well as Group and Enterprise licensing options.


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Awsome Kanaban tool!!!!

Reviewed 2015-10-23
Review Source: GetApp

Working on this tool for more than a year it cover all the aspects that are expected from a Kanban tool.Some of the feature are really unique and standout from the other products.The tool exceeds our expectation in many ways and would definitely recommend more people to use it.Playback option is very unique and only tool providing the same. The analytic provides a complete set of the components required to check the board progress. UI is sleek and easy to understand.

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superb tool for work visualization

Reviewed 2015-10-09
Review Source: GetApp

Being a small team of developer catering to all kind of departments within a company. we always piled-up with task such as defect, CRs, new requirements and sometime even a training on some complex features. With help of SwiftKanban, now we are able to visualize our work and decide on priorities quickly with proper justification visible to all parties.Very good UI Smart lanes Quick Notifications Amazing Support

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Ravi Tadwalkar

Best-in-class visualization and analytics, "by the (blue) book"!

Reviewed 2014-06-17
Review Source: GetApp

SwiftKanban has the best-in-class visualization and analytics, "by the (blue) book"! We organized AgileCamp 2014 event using the kanban board recently. Mahesh Singh presented how they "ate own dog food" by using Swiftkanban to create this excellent kanban tool! The kanban analytics supported - flow efficiency, cycle time distribution - is by the blue book, as close as it can be to what David Anderson describes in the blue book! Kudos to Mahesh & team for producing SwiftKanban!

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Josmar Jimenez

Great tool to manager and follow big project of software!

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-05-21
Review Source: Capterra

It is an excellent tool to monitor large software projects with several multidisciplinary teams. It allows to monitor alerts, issues, blocked tasks, backlog, activities is much broader than simple boards applications

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Team, Group and Enterprise licensing options are available. We have both a SaaS (Subscription) based and an on-premise license options.

SwiftKanban features


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Additional information for SwiftKanban

Key features of SwiftKanban

  • Visual Kanban Board and Backlog Boards
  • Smart Lanes to map multiple Workflows using card attributes
  • Powerful Board and Application Configuration
  • Scrum, Kanban and other Mgmt Metrics and Reports
  • Extensive Scrum/ Scrumban Support
  • Move cards across lanes or across boards
  • Convert Cards from one type to another
  • Board/ Card Hierarchy for Portfolio Management
  • Powerful Filter to help Daily Standups/ other interactions
  • 4 levels of Board Zoom to provide full/ detailed board view
  • Aging view to show Cards not worked on recently
  • Board Playback to help Retrospectives identify patterns
  • Integration to JIRA, TFS, git & 30+ other tools
  • Default/ customizable Task List per card-type
  • Tagging to facilitate Easy Tracking of key trends
  • Card Traceability/ Dependency
  • Document Attachments
  • Excel Import/ Export
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Benefits of SwiftKanban-
1. SmartLanes based Swim Lane design that provides powerful workflow mapping capabilities – across multiple work-items, classes of service and many other attributes. This makes it easy for customers to map even the most complex processes easily on the Kanban Board.

2. Large and insightful set of Lean/Kanban-based analytics based on statistical analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, flow analysis and process control. Customers get the benefit of implementing true Lean/ Kanban principles, and the improvements thereof.

3. Easy to use, highly configurable Board Design with several powerful Visualization controls – such as Board Zoom, Aging, Calendar, Change tracking and others. Makes it easy for teams used to physical boards to migrate to an electronic Kanban board and use it effectively for day-to-day work management – including Daily Standups – as well as an effective Information Radiator for all stakeholders.

4. Highly flexible Hierarchy Design for Portfolio and Program level Board design, unlimited levels of hierarchy, many-to-many relationships and child-to-parent progress reporting. Solves a key challenge for customers to scale Agile in the enterprise, provide Agile Portfolio and Program Management – and visibility to executive management of all critical initiatives.

5. Power simulation via the unique Board Playback feature: Teams can watch their “Kanban Movie” and see in real time how their board and workflow performed over the last week/month/quarter or any review time period. Enables them to observe patterns, identify bottlenecks, sources of rework and resource loading. And helps them identify specific improvement opportunities.