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Tenrox PWM

Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting

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Tenrox PWM overview

With Tenrox online project management software, companies can replace the spreadsheets and band-aid applications that leave your project-driven workforce and processes disconnected. Everything you need to empower your project workforce is connected for the first time, in real time, including: project management, Resource Management & Scheduling, time and expense tracking, cost accounting and/or billing solutions, process management tools, analytic tools.

Manage and view both process and financial impact in real time with combined online project management, workforce management, and financials. Tenrox online project management software empowers the project workforce by giving them the tools and solutions they need to get information to you faster, for proactive decision making. Gain a business edge and the agility to be a leader in your market.

Highlights of the Tenrox Project Workforce Management Solution
Simple Phased Implementation
No need to worry about disrupting day-to-day operations or threatening user acceptance with long, complex implementations. Deploy in a phased manner - Cater to your most pressing need first. Start with one module, such as Project Planning to eliminate spreadsheets, and then adopt others over time at your own pace, from Cost accounting and billing to Workforce Management, Scheduling and Planning, to Work Process Management, to Analytics. All these solutions can be implemented in a phase manner to meet your business needs.

Graphical Workflow Engine
The Tenrox online project management software solution is built on an adaptable, graphical workflow platform application using pictorial icons to represent processes and resources. Just drag and drop icons to design and change workflows for any of your business processes. Automate approvals, routing, assignments, and notifications. With our applications and software tools, no programmers are required which means with our simple business product application there is no downtime.

Work breakdown structures to mirror the way you do business
Easily map your web based Tenrox project management software solution to your corporate structures: Capture and track project data at any level of detail, mirror every business operation area with distinct functional and approval hierarchies, and summarize or drill down into your project workforce financials. Tenrox is the perfect online project management software solution to align your projects and workforce with your business goals.

Built-in integration with leading business applications and solutions
Web based project management software from Tenrox is designed to exchange data with leading accounting, payroll, project management, human resources, and CRM systems. Integration is right out-of-the-box. Just hook up the connections. No more disconnected systems. No more spreadsheets to bridge the gap.

Compliance made simple and easy
In minutes, generate the reports, breakdowns and audit trails you need for compliance with government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley or contractual requirements like those under the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), or federal and state wage laws. The system automatically accounts for local labor requirements such as overtime.

Empower your projects locally, gain project visibility globally
Online project management software solutions from Tenrox empower your project workforce to make fast informed decisions based on real-time project status, cost and revenue information. Tenrox project management software includes powerful tracking, scheduling and reporting features that help you standardize and enforce your policies, adopt best practices, and monitor and control your projects in real time with user configured dashboards and reports tailored to meet your business objectives.


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, French
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Tenrox PWM reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Our organization uses the software for project billing, employee time management and tracking.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-05
Review Source: Capterra

The ease of use when entering hours for projects and employee time, makes it easy for all users regardless of skill level. The benefits of having knowledgeable personnel is a valuable asset to any organization.Very easy to use with full support if we run into any problems. The training provided to all users is 24/7 and very easy to understand. The admin is always available that is assigned to each account, giving undivided support and considered a valuable member of our team. The admin assigned to my team is available for all out weekly team calls providing answers to questions and quick follow up when needed. Very engaging staff.

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Tenrox PWM

Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting

Christopher Studebaker

An OK system for time entry - kludgy for management

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-16
Review Source: Capterra

Time entry and time management for assignment of personnel to jobsThe time entry and management is meant for consultants, with jobs available by name rather than project number

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Tenrox PWM

Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting

Jonathan Schreck

Bumpy Start but We've Found Our Groove and Great Partner

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-12-21
Review Source: Capterra

We encountered some obstacles shortly after go-live that were unexpected, but the Tenrox team from support, services and development have really partnered with us to get everything working to meet our needs. Looking forward to further leveraging the tool through future software development.Focused on and geared to help run professional services businesses

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Tenrox PWM

Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting

Shannon James

Tenrox leads with Customer Service

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-23
Review Source: Capterra

I've used Tenrox for a couple of years now through my job. Tenrox is an easy to use intuitive application that has enabled my organization to simplify our management of expense reporting and tracking timesheets.Im able to cut time spent on data entry and invoicing while accelerating my processes for invoicing and expense reporting.

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Tenrox PWM

Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting

Tyler Brown

Intuitive interface that our users found easy to adopt

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

This tool is flexible enough to function the way our organization does business. It has enabled us to better forecast expenses and resources with custom reports. In addition, project invoicing has been completely streamlined and we now have real-time access to invoice and budget data, which was lacking in our previous systemThe mobile app is easy to use and allows us to capture detailed timesheets while on the road

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Tenrox PWM

Cloud-based Project Workforce Management Software: online resource management, project planning, time and expense tracking, project billing, reporting

Tenrox PWM pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
One time license
Open source

Prices range from $6.00 to $40.00 per user, per month

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Tenrox PWM

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Tenrox PWM

Tenrox PWM Pricing Reviews

  • I enjoy the combination of managing projects, being able to complete timesheets and also have PTO requests tracked in the system. It does make it easy to have it all in one place
  • Tenrox has a lot of things to work on. It's slow (for my company), they are reluctant to make upgrades based on your needs and based on what package you get, you typically get low customer service. The system is very manual and in 2018, we need to have a more automated tool to get things done.
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Tenrox PWM features


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Project Management (137 other apps)
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Task Management (99 other apps)
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Third Party Integration (114 other apps)

Competitor Feature Comparison

GetApp Analysis

The Tenrox Project Management Software module brings teams together, allowing them to stay up to date on the progress of any project. This project planning software helps quickly pinpoint scheduling conflicts to ensure the workload is being evenly distributed.

With the Resource Management module’s skill management, as well as its capacity and resource planning components, users can ensure the right resources are dedicated to the right tasks. Each team member can view his or her tasks in the system to determine which items are due first.

Users can assign team members to projects in the resource management system. Resources can be “hard booked” or “soft booked” on projects to allow for the many changes that will occur as a project evolves. This also can allow some managers to be given the ability to soft book resources until upper-level management can review the allocated resources and choose which employees to hard book.

What is Tenrox PWM?

While many projects focus on the tasks to be performed, Tenrox Project Management Software focuses on the people who serve as resources for the project. As teams have become more global, it’s more important than ever that businesses have a way to stay informed about which team members are working on which tasks.

Tenrox Project Management Software helps businesses balance the resources they have, while also helping them determine if more team members should be added.

Who is Tenrox PWM for?

While Tenrox Project Management Software could help businesses of all sizes, it’s ideal for businesses with teams exceeding ten employees who will be using the system. Juggling this number of team members can prove challenging for even the most organized team leader, which can lead to potentially devastating scheduling errors and missed deadlines.

Tenrox is also a great solution for businesses with remote employees and contractors who will be helping with a project. Employees can track projects and input time spent working on individual aspects of a project.

Main features

Skill Reporting

Users can immediately identify employees that have specific certifications and skills in the reporting section of Tenrox Project Management Software. These skills can include proficiency in foreign languages, including French, German, and Spanish.

Employees can update these skills in the system at any time, noting whether they’re ready to perform these skills, interested in learning them, or not interested at all. This information can be valuable when a business works to determine how to spend its training budget for the year.

Availability Updates

From national holidays to annual vacations, Tenrox’s project management software keeps an employee’s availability up to date. When a team member will be out of service on a specified date, that team member will show as unavailable in the system, allowing managers to shift plans accordingly.

Businesses aren’t locked into generally-recognized national holidays. Under settings, a user can remove and add holidays as needed.

Leave Time Management

Unlike other HR solutions that require businesses to use template timesheets, Tenrox Project Management Software lets users customize timesheets to include the information a business needs to capture. Since each business has its own unique set of projects and client types, it’s important to have project management software that works the way a business does.

The time management system within Tenrox Project Management Software also makes reviewing and approving timesheets and leave requests easy. Managers have the ability to review reported time tracking before a client is billed for it as a safeguard against errors.

Financial Transactions and Auditing

For any business, getting paid is top priority. Tenrox provides users with the ability to import information on credit card transactions to hasten the expense reporting process. Receipts can be scanned and attached to reports to make the reimbursement process as paperless as possible. Having electronic copies of receipts also helps a business in the event of an audit.

With built-in cash advancement and multi-currency support, Tenrox Project Management Software is flexible enough to accommodate any group of clients. Reporting allows businesses to track expenses by category to identify areas where spending can be cut.

Project Financials Automation

In the course of doing business, financial reporting is an ongoing battle. Businesses are required to keep up with projected budgets and compare them to actual budgets, always planning well into the future. Using Tenrox Project Management Software, businesses can keep an eye on overall financial information or view just the information that pertains to a specific project.

Tenrox’s project management software includes several tools to automate the process of financial planning and tracking. The Financial Planner pulls it all into one spreadsheet, allowing business leaders to easily see where budget projections are falling short.


Tenrox’s project planning software integrates with a variety of solutions, including its own full suite of project and billing solutions. This easy integration allows businesses to begin using the software immediately, without waiting for code to be written to help everything work together.

Among the many popular business solutions included in Tenrox’s integrations are PeopleSoft, Oracle, Paychex, Sage, and Microsoft Sharepoint. This instant interaction means businesses don’t have to replace their favorite applications when they add Tenrox Project Management Software to their toolbox.


Tenrox provides pricing on a personalized basis. To try the software for free, visit the Tenrox Project Management Software website.

Bottom line

  • Customizable timesheets let businesses track to their own specifications
  • Easily sort workers by availability, skills, and certifications
  • Identify training needs of employees
  • View comprehensive financial information for an overview of expenses and earnings
  • Easily report expenses for reimbursement and tracking

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Why Tenrox project management software – the solution:
•The leading cloud based software solution for today’s dispersed global project workforce
•Visual workflow-driven architecture simplifies configuration and reduces learning curve
•The only project workforce management solution that has certified and proven integration with all major CRM, financial and payroll applications
•Full multiple tax, multiple currency, multi company support
•Option to deploy in a phased manner, on-premise or on-demand
•Viewed as a strategic investment with a roadmap to automate more project workforce processes

Why Tenrox project management software –the technology:
•Built on the Microsoft technology stack
•Taking maximum advantage of Microsoft Workflow Foundation, OLAP, Microsoft Reporting Services and SQL Server
•Tenrox .NET dashboards and Web parts can be shared across enterprise portals and SharePoint workspaces
•Gold certified Microsoft solution partner, premium development partner
•Tenrox software is Windows certified, validated on an annual basis

Why Tenrox project management software – on-demand:
•SAS-70 Type II certified on-demand solution
•Annual third party penetration testing and SAS-70 audit
•Secure single sign-on configured to work with your directory service (such as Active Directory)
•Web application acceleration ensures worldwide coverage. Tenrox on-demand is accessed by tens of thousands of users in Australasia, Europe and North America

Why Tenrox project management software – the company:
•Marque customer base and recognized name in the project management industry
•Drawing on decades of implementation expertise, best-practice knowledge, and industry experience
•Consistent revenue growth, proven track record