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TimeCamp use case: Gordon Marinovich

Gordon Marinovich

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3rd of February, 2017
Has GREAT potential - except for one critical issue

Tried to use it to track time on different billable and non-billable tasks. Use to collate time for invoicing. Previously used competitor until they messed up their interface in the last major update around Nov 2016 (what a backlash that has been for them!!)

What do you like best?

Rich integrations. Reporting. Invoicing feature. The granularity of billing based on person, task, project. IOS app is nice.

What do you dislike?

Unreliable stopwatch!! TimeCamp needs to realise that this is a core feature that NEEDS TO WORK 99.9999% of the time, not 93% - it is no fun trying to correct the time sheet when you see grossly incorrect duration times. We've seen MANY instances where for example time for a task that totals 30 min over a 7 hr period will inexplicably become the full duration from the first start time to the last end time, ignoring all the breaks that have occurred. For comparison, other software very rarely lets us down in this regard. We've tried several different browsers but still, have intermittent issues. TimeCamp support has not been able to offer any solution for weeks. The invoice template should allow layout customisation so that users can match it closer to existing organisational letterheads.

If so, why did you switch?

With the recent major update around Nov 2016 competitor screwed up their time keeping interface where resume an existing time entry was removed. This also caused Detailed reports to become a verbose mess. An incredible mistake by them.

What is your main use case with TimeCamp?

Track billable and non-billable time.

Give one example how TimeCamp has improved the way your organization functions

Granular billable rates tracking using either person, taks or project.

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If the stopwatch is intermittently unreliable like we have experienced for weeks now then one must need to seriously consider other options. This may soon push us elsewhere. Be sure to test this fully.

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