Adding an individual new user and bulk import in

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Adding an individual new user and bulk import in

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (

Monica: So our dashboard over here is like the homepage. Anything you need to go, or when you log in for the first time, it will take you to your dashboard.

I am currently logged in as the main administrator, which is William. So William is a person who signed up for the free trial, and who's going to be handling the account. The first thing we need to do once we've gone through the Setup Wizard is add a new user. To add our new employee, we're going to click right below where it says Dashboard, we have the option that says Add New User Account. So when we click on Add New User Account, this is where we'll be able to enter our employees. For example, we're going to enter Megan Atkinston as an employee. We can type her job title, let's say she's going to be an Accounting Analyst. The email section is not mandatory, so you can either choose to enter your employee's email, or if not, then you can just leave it blank.

Jimmy: Okay.

Monica: So, then we have the Password option, you have the Classification. If they're employees, contractors, students, volunteers, and then if they're hourly or salary. Right below you have the option of the timezone. This is very good as well because if you have more than one branch in different locations or timezones, you can select it on an individual basis for your employees. Then you have the Access Levels.

In our service, we have three different types of access levels. We have the account administrator which is where we're looking at the information from, which is they have unrestricted access to everything in the system. Then we have supervisors. Supervisors have flexible permissions, and it is up to the administrator to select the permissions that they want for the supervisor, and we have the employee.

In this case we're going to make Megan an employee, they only have access to their own information. Once we select the access level, I'll choose who they will report to, and right below you also have the option of selecting which of these features they have access to. So for example, if Megan will only be working for hourly and she won't ever need mileage, and I don't want her to work with mileage, I can just de-select this option. I'm going to allow all the features, and save. 

Once I save this employee, we can see that we receive their username and their password, so this is something that we might want to copy, and give to employees. This is the information that they will use to access their own account. Their username and their password.

Jimmy:  Pretty simple. So, what happens when we have, let's say we have forty or fifty employees, do we have to go in and add them one by one? Or is there some type of bulk import feature?

Monica: We do have an option for entering more than one multiple employees. So in this case, if you want to add a large number of users, you can use our excel spreadsheet template, and when you complete this option, you download a pre-formatted excel worksheet, you'll complete it, and then you'll upload it, and when you click upload, the system will automatically transfer that file into our system. 

Jimmy: I love it when businesses provide a pre-formatted excel document. It makes life very easy.

Monica: Yes. And it gives you the option of doing it yourself at your own time in your own terms.