Alerts for changes waiting for approval in

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Alerts for changes waiting for approval in

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Monica: We were looking at Robert's account, we remember that he submitted some information. He edited something that needed to be approved by his supervisor. So, the way I do this when I log in as William, you will see that under my main menu, in red I have something that says 9 Alerts. So these are all the time entries and edits that my employees have submitted for me to review and approve.

For example, it's divided between hourly time entries, time off entries, and the project time. So this is, for example, how the edit request looks like from the administrator's point of view. It gives you the name, the reason they're requesting the change, and the changes requested are in red. For example, Michelle clocked in at 1:53, she clocked out at 7:26 when she actually meant to clock out at 6:50, and the difference is from 5.55 hours to 4.95. I'm going to go ahead and allow these changes. How will I allow these changes? I click, and I allow. Once I allow these changes, that's when the little alert icon on their time cards is going to be removed, and it will look like a regular time entry.

For time off entries and requests, it's the same, but this is one really cool thing too. For example, Gordon is requesting a vacation day. It shows you how many hours he requested, but also how many he has available. So I'm going to go ahead and allow these changes, as you can see, as I clear my alerts, the number of alerts goes down, over here. And this is how the project time entries edit looks like, the same. The changes in red and the reasons, and the total amount of hours, perfect. Alright, so now that I've cleared my alerts.