Editing your own time cards and geolocation feature of Timesheets.com


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Editing your own time cards and geolocation feature of Timesheets.com

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: As well as, they also have the possibility of editing their time cards. If they edit their time cards, for example, let's imagine instead of clocking it an 1:39 I meant to clock in at 1:30 PM. Every time I edit something, I have to type in a reason. This is really good for compliance, and since this is going to be submitted for my supervisor to review, I have the possibility of editing my time, and save.

Jimmy: Okay, so if for whatever reason, there was a hold up before they could clock in, and this was some type of company matter, then they could state it here.

Monica: Perfect, yes, exactly. And once they do it, they receive this information that says that this has been submitted for supervisor approval. So it's really good for compliance because both employee and supervisor know exactly by this sign, which has to be approved, which has been submitted for approval, and we also have an audit trail. This audit trail gives you the possibility of looking at any type of edits or any type of approval that each time entry has had. So this is always great because everybody will be on the same page. Oh and we have to clock in and out now.

For example, in this case, let me show you the geolocation. This is Friday, so if Robert wants to see where he clocked in from, he clicks on the clock in and out map and it shows you, right now it's taking a little bit of time to load the streets, but it also shows him the option to see exactly, in his own timestamp, where he clocked in and out.

Jimmy:  Oh, that's great.

Monica: So, it's really cool.