Employee settings to override global settings in Timesheets.com


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Employee settings to override global settings in Timesheets.com

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: Okay, perfect. So now that, once we've created our employee, we can see that these new tabs come up in their own individual settings. For example, now that we went through the Setup Wizard, the Setup Wizard has the general features. So all the employees we will create after the Setup Wizard will have by default the settings, overtime settings, security settings, that we entered in the Setup Wizard. However, we do know that there's always exceptions.

We do know that some employees have a different pay rate, or they need to, you know, they can clock in from anywhere, they work from home. So this is where you can be able to tailor the information, or change it on an employee basis. You can double click here, for example the first fields are their optional details, you'll enter their hourly rate, so this is pretty much if you wanted to tailor anything on an individual basis per employee.

Jimmy: Pretty solid, pretty good.

Monica: Once we've double checked that, then I think what the employer can do first is create and populate the fields, and after that, just have the employees clock in and out.