Employee side project based time reports in Timesheets.com


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Employee side project based time reports in Timesheets.com

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: So the Project Reports, so I'm going to click on my left menu for Project Reports. Now the Project Report is the same for both the administrator and the employee. The only difference is that the employee can only see his own information, and the administrator can choose whomever they need. It gives you the flexibility of a date range, you can choose the date. Let's see, I just want to see what I've been working on from the first of this month up until today. Then, right below it gives you the options, if you want to include all the customers or if you just want to see one customer you've been working with. Same for projects. If you say I want to see all my information, but only for project Excalibur. You can sort of do it for two or three, so this gives you the possibility of playing around with the data, and selecting the information that you need.

Then you have the option of how you want the information to be organized. If I want my report to be organized by customer, by project, by date, or by none. How would you like to see the information organized?

Jimmy: Oh, let's see it by project.

Monica: Alright, perfect. So we group it by project. Then right below you have more additional features. If you want this report to include new time and archive time, and right below we have the same options. We can view it on screen or download it in PDF and excel spreadsheet.

Let me show you the detailed one first and then we can see the summary. Alright, so this is, for example, how it would look. We've got the Phoenix project, it gives me all the dates, my names, the customer I was working for with the Phoenix project, and any task I was doing. If I entered some work notes, I would be able to see them here, and the total amount of hours.

Jimmy: Pretty straightforward, pretty cool.

Monica: And also, they see it online, right here they also have the option of downloading it as a PDF or  as a text file, so yeah, it's pretty cool.