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Employee side time and payroll reporting of Timesheets.com

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: So employees can run reports on themselves. On the left menu you have two different options. So you can run reports for hourly time tracking, right below the Hourly menu, and for projects, on the Project menu. So let's take a look at the hourly reports. So I'm going to click on Hourly Reports.

Now, this data allows me to organize my information on a range of about one year. Let's imagine I just want to see how much time I've worked from January up until today. So I can choose my date range, it gives me the option of including all the time classification, or maybe I just want to see how much sick time I've taken this year. It gives you the flexibility of sort of filtering the time classification, I'm going to allow everything. Then it gives you the option of how you want the information to be organized, either by the date, or if you guys work with account codes, I'm going to organize it by date, for example. And right below, you have the options of viewing the report. You can view the report online, on screen, or you can download the files. You can download them on a text file, which is an excel, CSV, or on a PDF. How would you like to see it organized?

Jimmy: Let's just see it on screen.

Monica: Okay, so you have the option to see it summarized or detailed. Let's take a look at the detailed. Alright, so for example, this gives me the option of seeing how much time I've worked this whole year, and I have it organized by date. So we can see the date at the top, my name, my in and out time, and my total amount of standard working hours for that date.

Jimmy:  Okay. So this is on a daily breakdown?

Monica: Yeah.

Jimmy: Okay.

Monica: And if you select the summary, it will just give you the total amount of hours.

Jimmy: Ah okay, I got you.

Monica: So we go to Change Report Parameters, and View Summary. And also, this is one thing that I personally really like about the service. The reporting capability is very, very broad, very flexible, and it takes less than one minute. So you can organize the information however you want. So for example this one gives you only the total amount of hours and the dates.

Jimmy: Okay, so the employee here can see exactly, maybe, how much pay time off they have remaining, how many vacation days they've taken, and see everything in a very distilled way here.

Monica: Exactly.

Jimmy: Okay, that's great.

Monica:  Aside from that, they can also take a look at their payroll. So, this is organized by a flexible date range. If they want to see their payroll, under Hourly, they have the option of Pay Period Reports. Currently this one is empty because we haven't closed payroll, but here they'll have all the payroll dates in which they're included, and they'll be able to view their information as well.