Hourly time tracking feature options in Timesheets.com


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Hourly time tracking feature options in Timesheets.com

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: Alright, and then we can see that we've got specific tabs for all of the features I was mentioning to you. So we're going to go into the hourly tab. Now this one is a little bit more complex, and this is when you start tailoring the system to your needs. Because our system is very flexible, so it's pretty much up to the administrator to select the specific features and how they want this to be handled.

For example, the first option is to set up the pay periods and the accountability. So in this option, you'll select how often you guys close payroll, and you'll select the first day of the pay period of this month. Why do we ask this? This way the system can automatically pre select the dates of your payroll period, and this way it will save you more time when you're closing payroll.

Jimmy:  Okay.

Monica: Then the second option, it asks you to select the overtime policy for your new users. Oh, bear with me one minute, let me just close Skype over here so we have a more... okay perfect. So over here in the setup for the overtime is where you can select what type of overtime you guys will accumulate in your company, and you can select if you want none, weekly, or daily. Then you set up the seven day work week on section number three, if the company is interested in keeping track of accruals, and non accruable time within the system. This is where you have the option of selecting what type of time you want to handle as accruable and what type as non accruable.

In this case we have pre selected, the most general types of labels, but you can also modify it. For example if the company doesn't track sick time as accruable, you can turn it off, or you can modify it to an actual label that they work with. So it gives you three options of accruable and three options of non accruable time.

Jimmy: Okay.

Monica: Alright. Then right below you'll go into the optional settings. Section number five onwards, what it does is pretty much is where you'll select and choose how you want the security settings in the company in the system.

Ffor example, the first option is asking if you want all your employees to enter their time, edit their timesheets, and manually enter some time. But, if they're allowed to do so, this will be approved by the supervisor. So the first question is Require supervisor approval for all hourly time entries and manual entries. If you choose yes, employees will be able to edit their own time, and manually enter this information, but this has to be approved by a supervisor.

Jimmy: Okay.

Monica: Alright, so then you have the section 5A is to allow them to edit their time. Number 5B is for them to enter manually standard working time, and also if you want to allow your employees to change their times when they clock in or out late. If you select yes to these features, then they'll be able to do so, but everything has to be approved by the supervisor.

Jimmy: Okay.

Monica: Same for section number six, which is allow their time records to be deleted, and if you want to insert an unpaid break record, one paid break per time stamp, you can do so here. You can select yes, and then you can select section A, the amount of paid time that you want to allow.

Then number eight is a sixteen hour automatic clock out, this can also be enabled or not. What it does is when the system sees that an employee has been clocked in for more than sixteen hours, it will automatically clock them out, and notify their supervisor that it was the system who clocked them out. Some companies use it, some don't.

Then you have the work shift default, and the rounding for payroll. So if for example you want to give your employees five minutes of grace from their start time, you can do so with either three minutes, five minutes, six minutes, up to fifteen minutes of rounding the time when it comes to running payroll. So this is pretty much the general settings for the hourly portion of our service.