Options for closing payroll in Timesheets.com


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Options for closing payroll in Timesheets.com

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: So how do we close Payroll? On the left menu under Hourly, we have the Close Pay Period feature. Closing payroll in our system can also give you the flexibility, if you want to include all your employees, only hourly, only salaried, or if you have it divided by office or locations, you can choose which specific users you want to include in the payroll report that you're about to close. I'm going to allow all of them. Then it also gives you the option of including it for the scheduled payroll period, which is this drop down menu. These dates are selected, the system grabs these dates from the Setup Wizard when we entered, how we close our payroll. But if we want to do a different date, no problem, we have the flexibility to choose it by manually. I'm going to allow the, I'm going to choose the first one. Then we're going to view the preliminary payroll report.

This is how the preliminary payroll report looks like, so at the top we have the statistics for the whole company, and then we have it broken down by employee. So over here, for example, we can tell that Carol, Carol is a salaried employee. It gives us the total amount of working hours, but since she's salaried, that's why her total amount of working hours go in the salaried column.

Robert, for example here, he's our hourly guy, so on our regular working hours, we have the total. Our overtime column will be here. If they have the California law of overtime and they do more, they'll be able to see it here. And if they select any of the categories that is accruable, like sick time, vacation, or PTO, or even non-accruable, you'll also be able to see how many hours they requested. They have a variable pay rate, if you enter it, if not, it will just say 0, and a fixed pay rate.

Let's say you say, "Hmm, I wonder where these 6.85 came from before I close it", when you click on the plus sign, you can also see their time cards here. And, you know, double check real quick, make sure everything is accurate, and we can save it. So at the top, I'm going to go ahead and save my report.

Now that we've saved our report, we can review it in our Pay Periods Report. So I click on Reports on my left menu, and all the pay period reports that I ever closed are going to be stored in report number 4. This is also really good because you will always have this information online as well. And it shows you the start date, the end date of the pay period, who closed it, when it was closed by, and the notes. You can view it on screen, or we have an exporting capability, that gives you a drop down menu, and these are all the different files in which you can download your payroll report.

Jimmy: Plenty.

Monica: Yeah. So, you know, it depends on what you need, you have it here.