Project and expense time tracking and security options of

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Project and expense time tracking and security options of

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (

Monica: The Project is very similar as the hourly for the security. So this is pretty much asking us how we want to handle our project time tracking. The first question is the same, is all our time entries for projects require supervisor approval? If we want to allow them to enter manually; if we want to allow our employees to modify their own project time; if we want to allow them to delete time; if you want the project descriptions to be viewed, and if you want multiple timers to be used simultaneously. Also, if you want a minimum time increment for all the new projects.

Jimmy: Sounds good

Monica: Perfect, alright, so then we're going to go ahead with the expense portion. In our Expense we have a Default Mileage Rate, but we know that some companies work with a different mileage rate, so this is where they can go in and modify it.

Jimmy: Okay.

Monica: And then the security section. This is something that's also very helpful, and most of our companies really enjoy the fact that we offer these different types of features. For example, since we're a web based company, one of our most common question is "but how do I know my employees are clocking in from where they're supposed to?" So for this, we have basically two main features, one is the IP Address Lock Down List. If for example you want to make sure that your employees are clocking in from the office, and not from somewhere else, then you can enter your office's IP addresses in the IP Address Lock Down List, over here for example and save it. So what this would do is, if an employee tries to clock in from a different IP address than the ones authorized in the system, they won't be able to do so.

Jimmy: Very good.

Monica: This is one thing that's a huge concern for most of our new users, so this is a good way. Another option that we have, which is another type of very common concern for a different profile, like what I was telling you, is very common at an office setting. But then we have a lot of companies that say, "but I have my guys on site, they need to go from one place to the other, how do I know what they're doing?".

For this we have the Geolocation. Our Geolocation works excellent, especially if they're using their mobile phones if they're on site. So they can clock in and out, using their mobile phones, but the main administrator can always look at their time cards and run a Geolocation report, so it will show you the exact location where they're clocking in and out from.

Jimmy: Oh, that's great!

Monica: Yeah, and the difference is that it won't restrict it, so it gives you that flexibility.

Another question that we do get a lot regarding security, especially if you have multiple schedules, or more than one branch is, "But how do I know my co-worker is not clocking them out or in, right?" For  this, we have the Photo Security. This is a special feature that what it does is when they clock in and out, they have to take a picture. So this will guarantee you that the person that is clocking in is the actual employee and not their friends. So this is another really good option for security, and this pretty much covers you, covers all the security issues, and it gives you the flexibility to choose which one works best for your business.