Searching for past expenses in

Time Tracking for Payroll and Billing

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Searching for past expenses in

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Monica: So, for example, for mileage and expenses, we go to the customizable report, but if you say "No, I need to see the expenses from last year for the whole company". Then I can just select from January 1st until December 31st of last year, for example, and I can view them. Currently, there's no expenses for last year in this account, but you'd be able to see the information there. And, let's see, for Hourly, for example, you have the Post Pay Period reports, which is, this is really good because you always have all your pay periods stored here. If you ever need to pull up one from last year, you can either go here and find it and download it, or run a post payroll report, and select the date range.

Let's do it from October of last year up until today, for example. I can see all my employees, or we're just saying, "No, I need to know only what Danielle worked from October of 2014 up to today". Then you select that person and click on details. This is how you can sort of, you choose the date range, and you run a report, and this pulls up all the information in less than two minutes.