The four main features of

Time Tracking for Payroll and Billing

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The four main features of

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (

Monica: If you're interested when you take a look at the website, you have the option to start your free trial, which is a ten day free trial. Once you sign up, it takes you automatically to your account, so it's very simple.

Jimmy: Okay, great. So let's say we signed up for a free trial and we're jumping into Timesheets.

Monica: Alright, perfect. So what an account with us looks like, and this is an account that has a lot of data, and has all of our features enabled. We have approximately four features, four main features that you can use with our system: hourly time tracking for payroll purposes, project timetracking for billing and job costing, mileage and expenses, and we also have a scheduling feature as well.