Who is Timesheets.com for


Time Tracking for Payroll and Billing

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Who is Timesheets.com for

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Monica (Timesheets.com)

Monica: Timesheets is for small and medium-sized businesses who need to track time for payroll or billing.

Jimmy: Okay, and do you find that... what tends to be the split between either online businesses, or brick and mortar, street level businesses. Is there one that tends to use more Timesheets?

Monica: Actually, no. We have a mix of those types. We have companies, we have small businesses that work on site. We also work with a lot of people that are not that techie, which is why we have our demonstrations.

Jimmy: So what type of markets and industries tend to be using Timesheets more than others?

Monica: We have schools and universities. Non-profit organizations use them a lot. IT companies, manufacturers, and professional offices like insurance agents, doctors, accountants, and engineers and consultants.

Jimmy: Oh that's great. One of the last things is what are your options for users that are on mobile devices? Do you have native iOS and Android apps, or is Timesheets.com a responsive site? What are the options you offer mobile users?

Monica: We have a mobile site, so it's compatible for both Mac devices and Android, tablets, computers, or cellphones, that they can log in to our mobile.timesheets.com and they can record their time there.