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VersionOne overview

VersionOne is a complete agile project management solution for development teams of all sizes. The software offers the basic features of agile project development tools associated with Scrum and Kanban methods, such as project boards with epics, stories, goals, issues and defects; sprint planning; project roadmapping; release planning and test management. As well as these basic features, VersionOne offers a number of advanced collaboration and reporting tools.

The collaboration tools offered by VersionOne include "Conversations", which enable status sharing, questions, and discussion forums. VersionOne "Ideas" provides a platform for your customers' ideas to be heard through automated data submission and voting for retrieving and prioritizing customer requests. The VersionOne's TeamRoom™ provides interactive Storyboards and Taskboards for team collaboration, while the PlanningRoom™ provides a space for product managers, owners and agile planners to manage projects through tools such as Epicboards and Portfolio Timelines.


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VersionOne screenshot: Kanban board in VersionOneVersionOne Customer Testimonial - John SomervilleVersionOne screenshot: Dashboard and project overview in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: VersionOne Product Planning featureVersionOne screenshot: VersionOne home page viewVersionOne screenshot: Product planning for projects in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Sprint tracking taskboard in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Current Member Load Report in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Taskboard with Burndown and Cumulative Flow in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Sprint dashboard in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Project dashboard in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Interactive Story and Taskboard in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Reports and project scope change in VersionOneVersionOne screenshot: Capture and Prioritize Customer IdeasVersionOne screenshot: Align Corporate Objectives and Product DeliverablesVersionOne screenshot: Capture All Your Feature Requests in One PlaceVersionOne screenshot: Deliver According to Your Business GoalsVersionOne screenshot: Group Your Work Items by ThemeVersionOne screenshot: Manage Your Business Initiatives With EpicsVersionOne screenshot: Simplify Your Backlog ManagementVersionOne screenshot: Agile Product PlanningVersionOne Product Overview

VersionOne reviews

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Abhinav Kumar

The continuous delivery platform by VersionOne

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-03-28
Review Source: Capterra

We have implemented it to our new project and it simply enhances the speed of the delivery and help in compliance and ensure the audit. The project implemented with continuum help in simplification & the identification with the help of performance metrics to ensure the end-to-end continuous delivery. It also makes uniform release automation.Version Continuum provides the platform to boost the software development process with DevOps methodologies and reduces the risk and enhances the quality. Continuum provides the best integration with third-party tools like JIRA, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Bamboo, AWS, BitBucket and many more which make it an enterprise level DevOps tool. Issue tracking through code, binaries and deploy after the successful test help in enhancing the delivery process. We can also analyse the risk by using the metrics before releasing the code to the production environment. To maintain the security compliance the agentless architecture helps as no additional software is needed to install on remote host.

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Jess Osborn

We use this to track projects and the progress of those projects

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

VersionOne allows me to help track and plan work for multiple teams across my foundation. it keeps moat of my day to day information with my high level project overview information in a single platform.VersionOne allows us to track an idea all the to completion. We use it to break projects into Epics, the stories, and then into workable tasks for our development team. Two of our teams work within sprint boundries, whikle another team uses the KanBan features. I can see the progress of either team at any given time.

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agile development issue tracking

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

My overall experience with VersionOne is mostly good, with some annoyances at not being able to find (or do) certain things as quickly as I'd like.VersionOne offers the ability to create and track issues, stories, defects etc. I like the filterable pages including storyboards and taskboards. I like the "My Work" view that quickly gets me to the things that are assigned to me. I like the click and drag features on most of the pages, for example, dragging a story from "in progress" to "done" rather than going into the edit menu and using the dropdown menu.

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Amanda Bryan

The problem of multitasking is finally solved

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-12
Review Source: Capterra

The Version One is not said to be the easiest tool to use. For this reason it can be a good idea to create a precise plan of all the things you need to do with the help program and follow it step by step. Yet, the best thing there can still be is taking your time to get to know the program better. There are three main factors to make your work easier with the help of the online-assistant. These are: an easy procedure to download the data, perfectly developed analyzing and tracking systems and beautifully developed filters. The Version One software has it all. It would be hard to find a better solution for struggling with the simultaneous work on several different documents of the different format.

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Kshitij Peter

A very good software, with the best in market features.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-02-26
Review Source: Capterra

This is the premium software when it comes to project management - esp Agile. It has the best features such as creating stories, sub-stories - ease of splitting a story into two sub- stories was superb. Also the features such as tracking the story progress with all the test-cases, design etc being attached under/to the story was very useful feature. Tracking the burn-down charts and velocity very helpful especially in the sprint review meetings. Only down-side was the pricing. The top(fortune 500) companies could easily afford this - especially who had: 1) the infrastructure to host the system, 2) Users scattered all over the globe 3) A strong local network with robust firewalls. 4) A strong urge to be secure (eg the pharma or financial institutions) But when it comes to tier- II companies, who are looking to save costs at every opportunity, maybe not prefer this...might consider JIRA Agile or others.1. Best in class features - a comprehensive bouquet of all the necessary features. 2. Good UI and even better usability.

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VersionOne features

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Project Planning

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Additional information for VersionOne

Key features of VersionOne

  • Agile portfolio management
  • Product planning
  • Product roadmapping
  • Release planning
  • Idea Management
  • Sprint planning
  • Test Management
  • Timeline project tracking
  • Sprint tracking
  • Ral-time activity stream
  • Sprint reviews
  • TeamRoom™
  • PlanningRoom™
  • VersionOne "Conversations"
  • Estimably™ - poker-style estimation game
  • Mobile optimized app
  • Visualize release dependencies
  • Epic Bubble Chart - compare epics.
  • Open integration platform
  • Reporting & analytics
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Collaboration Tools: VersionOne provides numerous means of communication, these include social-media style "conversations" among staff and external stake holders, and "Ideas" - an idea submission and voting platform for customers.

TeamRoom™: A drag-and-drop collaborative whiteboard for agile team members to manage daily activities through shared Storyboards and Taskboards. You can customize TeamRooms with mascots and avatars.

PlanningRoom™: This is a shared environment for steering committees, program managers and product owners. The feature includes Epicboards and Portfolio Timelines, with custom views and program-level visibility for cross-project agile plans.

Agile Visualizations: VersionOne lets you trace all project activities through multiple levels to see how stories are related, and identify scheduling conflicts and blocking issues. Track business goals with Epic Breakdown, and the Epic Bubble Chart. You can also use heatmaps to visualize data.

Reporting & Analytics: VersionOne provides more than 50 pre-packaged agile reports including basic burndown and velocity charts. It also provides agile analytics of project data and 3rd party reporting integrations, such as with Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Actuate, Cognos or LogiXML, to create your own analytics.