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Team communication made easy. Android and iPhone app available!

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Workhive overview

Workhive is a secure team communication and collaboration app for teams. With iPhone and Android apps, stay updated with all the recent happenings and work on the go.

- Create Hives which represents a group where team members can engage in discussions, both inside and outside the organization to manage work better.

- Add unlimited team members to have discussions in real-time.

- Create #topics to easily break down the work which needs to be discussed and completed.

- Use direct messages to have private, one-on-one conversation in real-time with any member of the organization.

- View, upload, and download files seamlessly across all devices. With Workhive, easily skim through old files related to any Hive.

- Create a post, which is an more organized way of describing and sharing information with your team members. It can be an announcement, a file, or any other piece of content

- Easily look back at messages, topics, and files with our search feature

- Being a cloud-based tool, you can easily access and respond to messages from anywhere, at any time. No installation required.

- Built-in emojis and other simple features will make your team discussions super fun and expressive.

- All your data is safe with Workhive, with appropriate technical and organizational measures. All the data is transferred and backed-up all your data using 256-bit SSL encryption.


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Workhive features

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Additional information for Workhive

Key features of Workhive

  • Create Hives to get work done
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Direct messages
  • Easy file uploads
  • Create Posts to share content and files
  • Preview and download files across all devices
  • Create #topics to break down work
  • Add quick comments/feedback
  • Desktop and mobile push notifications
  • Mention members by using @
  • Native Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Easy search and filters
  • Share images and file links
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- Workhive has native apps for iPhone and Android to get access to everything on the go.

- Easy filters and search feature to help you find old files, messages, topics, and lot more.

- Real-time desktop and mobile push notifications to help you updated with latest happenings.

- Tracking daily progress is super easy with Workhive.

- One-on-one conversations help you keep things private and confidential.

- All your files and conversations are safely stored in Workhive’s secure cloud

- Smooth organizational communication for better productivity.