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Mobile time tracking for remote & local teams

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WorkMax Time is a mobile time tracking solution that enables organizations to track the entire workforce, including remote and local teams. Users can obtain reliable data for paychecks, invoices, and job costing analysis by accurately capturing employee and job/project time. Multiple time tracking workflows show time and labour in real time, and help streamline operations.

WorkMax Time enables individual employee or group punch-ins for real-time timestamp streaming as they are logged. If an employee needs to switch to another task, they can simply clock in again under the new job, without punching out. Team leaders can clock the entire crew in and out at once, as well as provide a complete labor summary for employees to review, approve, and sign off, directly from their mobile device.

GPS time stamps, tasks, units and productivity/job-costs are captured during each step, whether at clock in, task change or clock out. Supervisors can also allocate and breakup time or tasks as they occurred through the day. WorkMax Time’s graphical drag and drop tool allows users to bulk allocate time, tasks and units, as well as multiple employees at once. Flex-Fields let administrators customize the terminology to better match their industry, team and business.

The digital time labor tracking workflow provides a flexible digital timesheet which allows employees to enter their time worked, whether at the end of the day, or the end of the work week. The platform also includes advanced features for determining overtime calculations, shift rules, unique employee privileges and roles, pay groups, and more. Users can capture and track time from any web browser or any mobile device.

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WorkMax TIME screenshot: Capture employee and job/project time electronically WorkMax TIME screenshot: Allocate and breakup time and tasks as they occurred through the dayWorkMax TIME screenshot: Connect the entire workforce from mobile and remote employees to local office staffWorkMax TIME screenshot: Eliminate manual data-entry and automate the entire time collection processWorkMax TIME screenshot: Employees can punch themselves in via mobile phoneWorkMax TIME screenshot: Individual employees or groups can clock in and out in real timeWorkMax TIME screenshot: Supervisors can clock in multiple employees at a time WorkMax TIME screenshot: Employees can change tasks throughout the day, without having to clock out


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Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Web-based, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Canada, United States
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Support Options
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WorkMax TIME Pricing

Starting from: $7.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription

Contact WorkMax for detailed pricing information.

Competitors Pricing

Starting from: $9.00/month
Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Replicon TimeCost

Starting from: $16.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Time Doctor

Starting from: $9.99/month
Pricing model: Open-source, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

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Key Features of WorkMax TIME

  • Offline time tracking
  • Online time tracking
  • Time per project reporting
  • Automatic time capture
  • Self service portal
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Billable & non-billable hours
  • Capture employee and job/project time
  • Time stamps
  • Billing and payroll
  • Real-time labor tracking
  • Change tasks
  • Punch in / out
  • Time workflow
  • GPS location stamps
  • Tasks, units and productivity (job-costs)
  • Labor automation
  • Allocate labor tracking
  • Digital time labor tracking
  • Setup roles and grant privileges to team members
  • Access to review, edit, approve, close-out and export time
  • Real-time visibility
  • Flex-Fields
  • LIVE auto send visibility
  • Pay groups
  • Shift rules and overtime rules
  • Pay codes/rates
  • Pay periods
  • Group restrictions
  • Time zone support
  • Real-time workflow
  • Digital time workflow
  • Integrations


With WorkMax Time, businesses gain complete employee time tracking and labor automation for more accurate reporting, payroll and billing.

Multiple time tracking workflows help teams finish jobs more efficiently, with completely verifiable accuracy.

Users can manage workforce and labor as it happens with real-time clock-ins, task changes, and clock-outs.

WorkMax Time helps organizations reduce manual entry and data errors by streamlining time and attendance processes.

The solution provides full time zone support for mobile workers who work across different time zones in the same day.

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