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What is WorkTrail?

Real time work time tracking: Your time is valuable, so you should make any attempt to track you you spend this scarce resource as much as possible. To improve something, you have to measure it!

Organise your time by task and projects: Create tasks for your whole company - Every employee can than assign his work entries to those tasks which fit closely. This allows managers to create detailed work reports on what costs the most time. In addition you can see how much quality time your employees have. If employees have to switch between tasks every 15 minutes, something is seriously flawed.

Shortcuts to your latest tasks: During a day you only work on a handful of tasks - WorkTrail manages your "Work Stack" - if you are interrupted the new work gets pushed onto the stack. Once you finish it, you will be returned to your previous task. You can also use this work stack to "bookmark" the tasks you are currently working on.

Calendar data entry: If you don't want to track your time in real time we provide a simple calendar entry to create new work entries in the past. It can also be used to edit existing work entries or reassign them to different tasks.

Reports and analysis: Generate time sheets, list of work entries or project reports. These can be printed out or exported as CSV or Excel document.

Integrate existing tools: Use our simple developer API to integrate your existing tools into WorkTrail. Our API allows easy access to all work entries as well as manipulation of tasks and projects.


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WorkTrail screenshot: Dashboard of the time tracking interface - Switch between your latest tasks, add description, etc.WorkTrail - How to easily keep track of your work time.WorkTrail screenshot: Easily edit your work entries of a day using a familiar calendar interface. Edit descriptions, assign entries to tasks and easily create new work entries.WorkTrail screenshot: Generate time sheet reports for all your employees and either print them on the spot or download them as Excel files.

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Ingo Wupperfeld

Hervorragende Software rund um das Thema Zeiterfassung.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-23
Review Source: Capterra

Man kann nicht nur die Arbeitszeiten genau erfassen, sondern die Software eignet sich zudem hervorragend zur Differenzierung für einzelne Aufgaben. So lassen sich gut Erfahrungswerte für einzelne Arbeitsschritte sammeln, was wiederum dazu beiträgt, diese gut kalkulieren zu können.

Ich habe eigentlich nichts zu beanstanden. Ich bin mit der Software rundum zufrieden und würde sie auch weiter empfehlen.

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Subscription plans are based on the number of employees by company. Single user companies are free and sponsored. All others have a one month free trial period.

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Key features of WorkTrail

  • Real Time Work Time Tracking
  • Calendar based history editing
  • Advanced work reports
  • Work Time Sheets
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Response Web Application
  • Hosted Solution (No installation required)
  • Task and Project Management
  • Integrate your team into one account
  • Developer API to easily access all data.
  • Excel and CSV Exports
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WorkTrail tries to follow the workflow of professionals who have to work on multiple tasks or projects within a single day. When switching between tasks or get interrupted by colleagues or telephone calls your work stack will be represented in the application. Once you are done with an interrupted work you fall back to the task you last worked on.

Also, we trust our users to track their time correctly. There is no eavesdropping on the users browsers, desktops, etc. We do provide everything possible to make time tracking as painless as possible though. So if you forget to switch task immediately, it's easy to switch retroactively and move the start time to reflect the actual work time. We also provide an intuitive history editing UI similar to those of various calendar interfaces.