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Wrike use case: Kenneth Knoll

Kenneth Knoll

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21st of June, 2016
A fresh take on task management without giving up tried and true methodologies

Company after company has tried to "re-invent" task management and collaboration tools. In the process of re-imagining collaboration tools, many systems forget that some of the tried and true core task management methodologies like waterfall or Gantt charts are actually based on tried and true functionality and merely need to be enhanced, not replaced. That's where Wrike comes in with a fresh team collaboration and communication interface to "augment" the old school task management processes, not scrap them. With rich reporting, real-time visibility into activity and most of the critical integrations (gmail, outlook, jira, etc), Wrike is an excellent refresh on old school task management. And it is CONSTANTLY improving with web and mobile app enhancements. They are quick to push incremental updates as opposed to sweeping overhauls.

What do you like best?

Real-time interactions and updates Communications focused Intuitive and full-featured mobile app Most of the critical 3rd party integrations are in place

What do you dislike?

System can lag on loads from time to time and requires a hard browser refresh (may be time for some code clean-up) Chrome browser extension has some quirks that could be improved (like not deleting your notes if switching tabs before submitting the task) Could have more customization of look and feel perspective to make it feel more like a part of each company

Why did you end up selecting Wrike over other applications?

Supports the more complex, traditional project management features.

What is your main use case with Wrike?

Task and project management for design, development and operations interaction.

Give one example how Wrike has improved the way your organization functions

Accountability to deadlines and better visibility into delays. Assists with cross-functional collaboration.

What is your ROI?

Couldn't stay in sync and execute without it or something like it.

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Recommendations to others considering Wrike

Make sure it has the workflow integrations you need.

Time used

6-12 months

Frequency of use


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Value for money
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