How much does it cost to use Wrike?


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How much does it cost to use Wrike?

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nic (Wrike)

Nic: Sure. So we've got a free option. It's for those individual users or different cases like that. We also have a professional version that is great for small teams. It's kind of Wrike out of the box; where you've got the core features that allow you to be productive immediately with those teams that may need those types of features.

Then the enterprise version is really when you needed a scale from five users, that's the lowest level; from five users to thousands of users. With the enterprise version is where a lot of the customization comes in as well: the analytics, the custom fields, and all of that stuff. It's really where the enterprise version shines in its ability to really be customized for how multiple teams would work together within one account and one system.

Jimmy: Very great, very cool. I think there are options here for everybody and every budget. Anything else that you'd like to mention about Wrike?

Nic: Yeah. With the trial; it's a free trial. There's no obligation or credit card needed to start a trial. You can just land on the homepage or the pricing page. You can see these buttons to start a free trial and you just need your email after, that's pretty much. It's over a skin. Give it a try. It's super easy to get started.