Project progress, reports and analytics in Wrike


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Project progress, reports and analytics in Wrike

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nic (Wrike)

Nic: There's one more tab that I failed to show here, which is the Analytics tab.

Jimmy: Okay.

Nic: From the apparent account folder it doesn't show up. That's where we're looking up here; so it wasn't there. But as we look here at the individual folders, this is where you can really get the data on: how your projects are progressing; who's doing what.

Let me find a good example here; probably here in the Marketing folder. You see here, in the Marketing folder we got about 216 tasks in this folder: various different status level; and various reports about task by users who's got completed versus overdue versus active task.

We could see kind of a baseline chart based on when things were originally scheduled versus where they are now; as well as the performance chart about what we have that was overdue and at what dates and kind of how this project has progress over time. Finally, a burn-down chart, where we can see the active tasks versus completed tasks over time and hopefully getting to a full list of complete task.

There's lot of analytics here to dive into and really have those reports. You can see, these are the same reports that were kind of showing up on the dashboard earlier.

Jimmy: Right.

Nic: You can add this to the dashboard as you keep track of individual projects. This was a huge build for us last year; just to complete historical data analysis; lot of work on the back-end here, even though it looks simple.

Yeah, you know I think in addition to the analytics here, one of the most important things is finding what you need when you need it. As you got in and you need to see, what's the list working on; I can just click here on the parent folder and change what tasks are assigned to Alissa and which ones are never active.

So were sorted by date here. Now we got a great list of everything that Alissa is working on: you can see the task; as well as the folders, they are included in. It kind of get that quick picture.

This filters option, I think is one of the best ways to get in to Wrike and find what you need to view based on: start dates; or due dates; or when the task was last modified; what tasks have we complete this week or this month; or based on that various custom fields you can create, which we haven't got into.