User time tracking and project notifications in Wrike


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User time tracking and project notifications in Wrike

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nic (Wrike)

Nic: Let's skip to over one here, for the time logs. Let's just wrap up, roll up of the time tracking that we covered earlier. Again, we need to straightforward time tracking here, kind of gives you those reports that you need.

Jimmy: Okay. And moving over, what is the little @ symbol? One second before that; the pause in the middle?

Nic: Yeah. This is probably one of my colleagues who was on this demo account about 55 minutes ago. They were probably in one of their particular task; like you can see here.

As I mentioned, you kind of keep track of your time; you can actually just hit the play button, and it’ll start tracking your time once you start working on a task. So if I click here, it will take me back to this task, where the time is running.

Jimmy: Ah, okay.

Nic: I'll just pause this here.

Jimmy: I got you. Okay.

Nic: We'll add the time entry. There we go.

Jimmy: Okay. So that will be logged in this user's time log?

Nic: Right, exactly.

Jimmy: Awesome!

Nic: The symbols right up here in the top right are your notification centres. When somebody comes in here; and let's say I want to mention Alissa on this comment. I'll just type the @ symbol. You can see the user list pops up and maybe we can check this out.

So what would happen, is for Alissa she would get a notification in here in her notification centre that shows her where she's been mentioned in different comments. So you could see that she was mentioned here; click on the task, it kind of pops up. I can check out the conversation and give a reply to Alissa here.

Jimmy: Very cool, and the inbox?

Nic: Then the inbox is when you get tasks assigned to you.

Jimmy: Okay.

Nic: When you kind of get new tasks in your workload, you'll see them show up here in your inbox.