What is Wrike and who is it for?


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What is Wrike and who is it for?

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Nic (Wrike)

Nic: Yeah. Wrike is a tool that is built for the modern day information worker. Basically if we're just sitting in front of a computer doing work today, then you're probably someone who has tasks that need to be kept track of; and those tasks are usually rolling up to general projects at the company that you're working at.

Wrike is a tool that allows you: to keep track of your task; to keep track of your work; keep track of your projects, if you're a manager of a department; or report on those projects, all the way up to the executive level. But do that in a way where its software is a service in the Cloud.

So it's something that can be done collaboratively as you work with your colleagues; everyone stays on the same page. You know, it really cuts down on the amount of emails and meetings as it gives visibility into all the work that's being done.

Jimmy: Cool. So if I understood it correctly; let's say I have a small business with a team from one to a thousand people or a large business. This I can setup projects, let's say small business has to create a website for X-clients. So we setup that project then under there we can nest all the tasks and the assigned tasks. Stuff like these?

Nic: Exactly. You have conversations around those tasks, you know upload your file attachments associated with those tasks; really collaborate on that work.