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Mar 09, 2018
Time Tracking

10 Freemium Apps for Android to Track Employee Time

It shouldn't be so tough to track employee time. These freemium apps for Android will automate the process so your staff is off the hook.

Lauren MaffeoAssociate Principal Analyst

If you've worked in professional services, I bet you still remember what a pain time tracking is - even if you've reached the upper echelons of management. Whether you worked in accounting or hospitality, anyone who earns an hourly wage knows that timesheets are the worst part of your job.

Who can blame you? When you're forced to recall every hour that you worked, mistakes are bound to happen. This is especially true if hourly employees can't connect their timesheets to payroll and automate the time tracking process.

If you're an entrepreneur, the threat of billing mistakes - and costs to your small business - should be enough to make you pause. Time is money with hourly work: If your employees record the wrong number of hours worked, your business is at risk of losing money.

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Freemium apps to track employee time

Luckily, you don't have to manage your team's hours in your head. Time tracking software that automates the process is a godsend to small business owners. Tools that track time in the context of projects, invoices, billable hours, and shift switches help you connect hourly work to the business at large. They also cut down confusion on who's working when by letting employees chat in real time.

Best of all, they don't have to cost a fortune: A large number of time tracking apps offer freemium plans. Whether you're an iOS devotee or an Android diehard, many apps track employee time from your phone.

To help start your search, here are 10 of the best freemium apps for Android to track employee time. To earn a spot on this list, each app needed to provide a freemium plan. They also needed an average rating of at least four stars from reviewers on GetApp.com and the Google Play store at the time of writing.

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Avaza is worth a look if you need project management, invoicing, and time tracking in one tool. Several GetApp reviewers say that it's a feature-rich app at a low price point, with strong customer service to boot.

The Android app offers six modules: project management, collaboration, time tracking, expenses, estimates, and invoice management - which you can use together or independently. Along with tracking time, Avaza lets you track cost-to-completion and billable/non-billable hours as well. You can invite anyone to track time, set rates per project and user, and connect it to billing and reporting.

Pricing: Avaza's "Free" plan allows for unlimited project collaborators, five active projects and invoices per month, and up to 10 customers. Users with access to timesheets, expenses, invoices, and resource scheduling is limited to one person on this plan.

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Branch Messenger

Branch Messenger supports hourly employees in service industries like retail, restaurants, fitness centers, and more. Users can track schedules, earnings, and time off from within Branch Messenger's native Android app. You can also communicate with colleagues.

Users can switch shifts, send messages, track paychecks, and import work schedules within Branch Messenger's Android app. As a manager, you can also use the app to share open shifts, approve requests for shift swaps or time off, and message team members privately or in group chats. GetApp readers love that they have their work schedules at their fingertips, including notifications when a shift's about to start.

Pricing: Branch Messenger's "Free" plan offers unlimited employees, managers, shift imports and swaps, messaging, and shift posts. It also provides regional workplace location access, store-level reporting, and 24/7 customer support.

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Connecteam lets you track time by client and projects. Its digital clock auto-syncs with the app's mobile time clock. This allows you to update crucial details, such as attachments and overtime hours, in real time. Once your invoices are done, you can run your timesheet to payroll from within the app.

Managers can use Connecteam's Android app to handle management meetings, repeatable workflows, training options, and more. GetApp readers say that while they'd like more management-focused features, Connecteam has helped many of them streamline operations and communications. This is especially crucial for remote teams with colleagues who aren't always in the office when they clock in or out.

Pricing: Connecteam's "Free Forever" plan supports up to five users.

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Harvest lets team members track time on projects the way they want to. They can log their hours in a timesheet all at once or use a timer to do it as they work. Once timesheets are done, users can turn them into graphs that show which tasks each team member worked on and which ones took up the most time. You can also track time directly from apps that Harvest integrates with, such as Basecamp and Trello.

The Android app lets you view and edit current and previous time entries. You can also set reminders to submit timesheets and track mileage for reimbursement. GetApp users say it excels at tracking time, projects, expenses, and billing, with an extensive reporting section.

Pricing: Harvest's "Free" plan supports one person and two projects.

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Jibble's goal is to be a jack-of-all-trades time tracking tool for small businesses. The app tracks employee time and attendance to generate timesheets. You can also track team behavior and productivity from within these timesheet views and custom reports.

Jibble's Android app lets you take a selfie when you want to clock in or out. Its time tracking features yield an audit trail that accurately tracks time for payroll, overtime, or general attendance. GetApp readers say that Jibble's integration with Slack is a standout feature: You can log in and out directly via Slack, without needing to open Jibble's app.

Pricing: Jibble's "Free" plan offers an unlimited number of users and unlimited use of all standard power-ups.

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TMetric is a time tracking app designed for freelancers and remote teams. Its timer records hours in a workday timeline that is split into 10-minute increments. Users can assign time entries to projects, add time in hours or minutes, and build reports with specific time ranges. Then, they can filter those reports by team, project, billable status, and more.

Among other features, TMetric's Android app lets you record time spent on a task in a to-do list. GetApp readers say that TMetric's time tracking saved them hours of doing it manually. They also say that they can easily give reports of their time histories to their bosses using the app's time log and tagging features.

Pricing: TMetric's "Free" plan supports up to five users with time tracking, reporting, and web apps integrations.

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TSheets is a GPS-enabled app that lets users track time wherever they are. Managers can track employees, job codes, paid time off, holiday hours, and more. Then, you can run payroll, billing, and invoices against time tracked using TSheets' integration with QuickBooks Online.

TSheets' Android app lets you track time and GPS points even without internet service; data will sync when the service resumes. The app also has a "Who's working" feature that lets you see where your colleagues are - and what they're working on - in real time. GetApp readers say that alongside saving them hours on timesheets, TSheets' customer service team responds within a day.

Pricing: TSheets' free plan supports one user and unlimited projects.

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When I Work

When I Work lets you share staff schedules via text, email, or web notifications from within the app. Managers can use two-way messaging to let employees take open shifts and request schedules. You can also punch in and out using the mobile time clock, which shows you on a map where your colleagues clock in from.

When I Work's Android app shares specific employees' timesheets and the entire business schedule. Its GPS feature directs staff to their work sites, and colleagues can accept available shifts within the app. GetApp users cite When I Work's timesheet integration with the scheduling app - and its link with payroll - as strong selling points.

Pricing: When I Work's full-featured version is free for up to 75 employees.

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Wrike is popular project management software that gets high marks for its time tracking features. You can manually add a timelog entry yourself or set the app's time tracker to do it for you. You can't track time for more than one task at once, but you can pause the timer for your first task to work on a separate request.

Wrike's Android app offers time tracking among a range of project management features. You can view reports as tables or charts; assign and schedule tasks; access shared and personal dashboards; and track time spent on tasks. GetApp users say that Wrike is ideal for task-oriented teams that want to track time on projects.

Pricing: Wrike's "Free" plan supports a shared task list for teams with five users or less.

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Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice lets you log and track time from a dashboard that shows all of your projects. The "Log Time" button lets you log time or start the timer for a task. You can also log project-related expenses and invoices within the dashboard.

The Zoho Invoice app for Android lets you track time per project and invoice accordingly. The app also sends you notifications when customers view invoices, make payments, and accept or decline estimates. GetApp reviewers love the combination of time tracking and accounting; one person estimates that Zoho Invoice's features save him more than 50 percent in monthly costs.

Pricing: Zoho Invoice's "Free" plan lets you invoice up to five customers as the sole user.

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