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Aug 18, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 SaaS Games!

James ThorntonContent Analyst

As the world’s greatest athletes slug it out to become Olympians, an even more competitive battle has been raging: the fight for medals at the SaaS Summer Games 2016. GetApp’s Games are designed to find the most popular SaaS software from the top SaaS companies on the planet, pitting business solutions against each other in a frenzied, furious, fight to the finish in six different ‘events’, related to types of application.

If you’re looking to upgrade or purchase new business software this is going to be far more useful for you than watching lithe runners hare around a track over and over again. You’ll get to discover the most popular SaaS applications among GetApp’s users in the fields of:

The SaaS Summer Games will also give us an insight into which countries are producing the most popular SaaS software. We’ll run the rule over a broader field of business software, looking at 27 categories and calling out the SaaS-producing countries that are most championed, according to the average review scores of apps produced in those nations.

We’re looking for a clean, controversy-free Games, so let’s lay down the official rules before heading to the track to find out which apps will claim the medals, and get the reactions of the fans. We’ll also hear some corny victory speeches from the valiant vendors that make it on to the podium.

The rules:

  • Software must appear in GetApp's Category Leaders ranking to qualify.

  • Medals are awarded based on the average GetApp user review score of all applications in a given category (an "event", if you will). Scores were recorded as they stood on August 9 2016.

  • Software must have a minimum of 10 user reviews in order to qualify.

  • In the event of two solutions being tied on average user score, the one with the most reviews from GetApp users will triumph.

And so, on with the Games! Below we reveal the medalists and the solutions that ran them closest in the six software categories:

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How it went down:

The Brits brought it home in the accounting event, claiming a gold and silver double. Clear Books Accounting put in a sterling performance, impressing the judges (i.e. GetApp’s users) with things like its simplicity, functionality, and friendly support team. The UK-centric accounting solution is designed with the small business user in mind, and includes features such as invoice automation, late payment reminders, and data export.

Arithmo pipped Canadian rival FreshBooks to the silver medal spot, with its fans getting behind the software to praise its ease of use, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

What the fans said about Clear Books Accounting:

Nick Braithwaite, Founder, Surf Sleep Travel: “Clear Books has helped to cut my accounting costs through one of their partners and has given me a quicker way to see how the business is performing”

Kaziu Gill, Managing Director, LimeGreen Accountancy: “I cannot praise the team highly enough, top call and personable customer service every time.”

What the winners said:

Darren Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager, Clear Books Accounting: “I would like to thank all of the accountants out there, without them our victory wouldn’t be possible. And I would like to thank GetApp for the opportunity, we did it!”

Nigel Small, Online Marketing Manager, Fresh Books: “You like us, you really like us! Jokes aside, we are honored by this medal and want to thank GetApp and our wonderful customers for their loyalty and support.”

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Social media marketing

How it went down:

The only Middle Eastern gold medalist at the Games, Oktopost was first past the post in the social media marketing event. The software is designed to help B2B marketers distribute content on a large scale through various social networks. And boy did its fans get behind Oktopost, leading to an impressive average user rating of 4.82. The software was lauded for things like its advocacy board for encouraging employees to promote a company’s content, its campaign management features, and content scheduling.

Once again, British SaaS solutions were among the medals. Social media analytics tool, Locowise snatched second spot thanks in part to its ability to demonstrate when to post on social media for best results. Buffer picked up bronze, earning its place on the podium due to positive feedback on its scheduling and reporting tools.

What the fans said about Oktopost:

Brian Blondy, Director of New Media, Ceragon Networks: “Oktopost is nicely designed and has excellent customer service, it’s a solution worth considering for your social media manager’s workflow.”

Lucy Jones, Head of Content, Strategic Internet Consulting: “It was the social advocacy board that first drew us to the tool, plus HubSpot integration, and detailed reporting on social conversions.”

What the winners said:

Ben Green, Director of Operations, Oktopost: “Wow, such an honor! There is no “I” in team, and when you have such a talented group of people…everything is possible!”

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Learning management systems (LMS)

How it went down:

In a match-up to rival the Montreal Canadians versus the Toronto Maple Leafs, LMS solution SkyPrep just managed to hold off its compatriate, Firmwater to claim gold. SkyPrep is flying sky high thanks to the praise it got from reviewers for things like its tracking of training completion, support for multiple document types, and live tutorial.

Firmwater LMS trailed behind by just .02 points. The secure hosted learning management system is used by eLearning businesses to sell, deliver and track courses online. Also hopping onto the podium is India’s Capabiliti, a mobile-first training, assessment and engagement platform that supports multiple content formats.

What the fans said about SkyPrep:

Kody Horn, Real Estate Broker and Investor: “At first, I had a hard time finding an online platform that would meet my needs and not break the bank. However, when I came across SkyPrep, I knew I had a winner with their easy to use platform with many features.”

Eugene Lagana, Learning and Development Director: “After exhaustive research and trials SkyPrep is the clear winner.”

What the winners said:

Kia Kiazand, Business Development at SkyPrep: “It was a team effort. I never doubted their ability when the going got tough. I know that because when I look into their faces, all I see staring back at me is the eye of the tiger.”

Mrigank Tripathi, Founder & CEO, Capabiliti: “Thanks to all Capabiliti users, especially the ones who reviewed us on GetApp. This wouldn’t be happening without each and every one of them. We’re pretty used to winning awards for Capabiliti these past two years, but this one’s definitely special. Next time, we’re gunning for gold!”

Diane Miziolek, Director of Business Development, Firmwater LMS: “We, at Firmwater, are extremely honoured to receive the Silver Medal in the Get App’s SaaS Summer Games. We want to thank the academy, the panel of judges and of course our fans. Our fans are the reason we get up each day. They encourage us to train and work harder each and every day in order to bring them an easier way to deliver their online training!”

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Employee scheduling

How it went down:

It may be called Deputy but in the employee scheduling event, this Aussie-built software was most certainly calling the shots. The application automates the process of tracking time and attendance and was spurred on by GetApp reviewers who praised Deputy’s customer support, intuitive user interface, and its API, which allows quick integration with other business systems.

NimbleSchedule lived up to its name, nipping over the obstacles in its way to land the silver medal, while Jobber claimed another medal for Canada for its employee scheduling solution aimed at field service professionals.

What the fans said about Deputy:

Rami Rustom, Information Technology and Services Professional: “Deputy is the best software and gives the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in my 18 years of entrepreneurship.”

Mark Wheeler, Project Manager, Magic Memories: “We gave Deputy the challenge to develop a system that works with Paychex, Vend, Workflow Max and other software. They delivered an easy to use software that integrates with all of our providers in a quick turn around.”

What the winners said:

Sasha Poljak, CEO, NimbleSchedule: “Receiving the silver medal at GetApp’s SaaS Summer Games is such an amazing honor for all of us at NimbleSchedule. We are aware that we wouldn’t have been medalled without sincere reviews and testimonials from our satisfied clients. Also, I would like to thank the whole NimbleSchedule team for all the effort they’ve made to bring us where we are today and, of course, GetApp for this great honor.”

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Business intelligence

How it went down:

What a Games Canada is enjoying! Yet another medal in the SaaS Summer Games goes to the Great White North, thanks to the exceptional performance of Klipfolio. GetApp users gave Klipfolio a mammoth average user rating of 4.91 out of 5, with lots of applause ringing out for its range of integrations. The software integrates with 80% of the most popular apps on GetApp, including the likes of Google Analytics, Salesforce, Shopify, and MailChimp.

Panorama Necto bagged a second medal for Israel at the Games, gaining silver for its data discovery and analysis solution. Zoho Reports makes up the trio on the podium in the business intelligence event.

Business intelligence software doesn’t seem to bring the crowds out in force on GetApp, sadly. In fact, only three applications even qualified for the finals, since the others in our Category Leaders ranking failed to receive more than 10 reviews.

So go ahead and find your favorite BI application in our software catalog and give it a rating. You might help it make it through qualifying for the next SaaS Summer Games (or European Championships/Ryder Cup/Commonwealth Games, if we decide to run such events!)

What the fans said about Klipfolio:

Jente De Ridder, Web Analyst, Humix: “Klipfolio lets you create great looking visualizations within just a few clicks. But it also offers enough flexibility to go into detail and start customizing about everything.”

Sven Scheepers, Director, Efficient Foundations: “There’s a lot of talk about data visualization and its benefits, but using Klipfolio takes it to a new level.”

What the winners said:

Mychelle Mollot, CMO, Klipfolio: “Feels so great to win a medal at the SaaS Summer Games. We’ve worked hard for this. Giving 110% effort, 120% of the time is not easy…but we dug deep, took it a day at a time and made it happen. We’d like to thank our parents for weaning us on analytics. We just feel incredibly lucky to be doing what we love every day - drinking coffee and helping our customers build beautiful dashboards.”

Jacques Botbol, Head of Marketing, Panorama Software said: “Hard work pays off. We are very excited at Panorama Software. You know what they say, getting silver only means you’ll train harder and get gold next time.”

Clarence Rozario, Product Manager, Zoho Reports: “We are quote excited to have won this medal. Shows how fast Zoho Reports has run in the SaaS BI race! We will continue to innovate, and make Zoho Reports the most user-friendly and blazingly fast BI app. Thanks to GetApp for the award.”

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Marketing automation software

How it went down:

One of the most dominant US showings at an event since the Dream Team of ‘92, the marketing automation vendors brought the baton home for The USA in the final event. Autopilot earned the only gold for the US at the SaaS Summer Games thanks to a stunning average user review of 4.92 - the highest of any application across the six events.

Autopilot’s record-breaking score was achieved thanks to a series of gushing reviews from its fanbase. GetApp users are impressed with the level of its customer support, with the consensus being that Autopilot marries powerful capabilities with a simplicity that makes it easy to understand.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation deserves credit for breaking the American stranglehold on this event. The Polish-built software has been praised for its range of capabilities which extends beyond marketing automation to include CRM, email marketing, and more. Heavyweight marketing solution, HubSpot walks away from the games with a bronze medal.

What the fans said about Autopilot:

Jeffrey Wohlschlegel, CTO & User Engagement Engineer, SERVUS: “As a founder of a software startup, our team needed a solution to routinely engage our users/customers with information to help them with their on-boardin experience. Autopilot was the perfect fit! We had a lot of fun building the journeys and experimenting with what worked (and didn’t work) for our team.”

John Thieling, Co-Founder/Director of Digital Marketing, Voticker: “Their feature set is comparable to the biggest names in marketing automation, but for a fraction of the cost.”

What the winners said:

Mike Sharkey, CEO and Co-Founder, Autopilot: “Who needs the Olympic Games when you can win gold in GetApp’s 2016 SaaS Summer Games?! We’re honored to receive this medal in marketing automation software and couldn’t have done it without our community of growth marketers who are using Autopilot to acquire, nurture, and grow their customers faster.”

Magda Szymanska, PR Manager, SALESmanago: “We are thrilled to achieve a silver medal in GetApp’s 2016 SaaS Summer Games! We believe our success depends on making our clients successful! Learning from customers helps us to serve them better, providing exclusive experience and real marketing results. The feeling of progress motivates us to keep going and try harder, improving every interaction with our users. Thank you so much for the positive feedback on our software, as well as our staff for their hard work!”

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